Starting January 1st at 9am PST on Facebook LIVE
Ending January 11th at 6:30pm PST on Facebook LIVE


This New Year Sadhana is focused on Prosperity and Abundance, but with a special twist and fresh ways to look within and cultivate without. We are focusing on aligning, receiving, and acknowledging the “what is” more deeply so to live from higher aspects of ourselves and become even brighter embodiments of the light. 

So let’s practice this Sadhana together and see what magic we can co create once again. 
It will require 20 minutes per morning.  Please make this commitment as it is an important piece to this practice. 

What you will need to prepare for this Sadhana:

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  • Create a Sacred Space

  • A Candle

  • Tall glass of water on altar or next to you

  • Pillow/cushion for comfortable seated position

  • Journal and pen

Practice for each morning:

  • Have your contemplation for the day handy

  • 3 min deep breathing/pranayama with hands in Gyan mudra (tip of index finger touching tip of thumb palms face down)

  • 3 min contemplation

  • 3 minutes journaling

  • Basic Spinal Series Kriya - see video below

Have you joined the Global Sadhana Community Facebook Group?

Feel free at any point throughout your day or evening to go to the GSC FB Page and post the insights you have written so others can feel connected and feel the sense of separation beginning to dissolve. This is a very important piece as this will create a unified collective field together of sharing from the heart. 


For the following 10 days, at 12:01am, one of us (Catherine, Elizabeth or Kristina) will post on FB that days contemplation, the additional exercise to add to the previous day, and a few questions that will help to inspire what to contemplate throughout your day. 

Throughout the 11 days, we will do random FB Live video's sharing our own experience of what transpired that day and will ask you to share on the FB page your insights, breakthroughs and healing. 

*** If you are unable to join us on FB Live, you can always tune in to the
Global Sadhana Page to watch whatever you may have missed.  

Travel light - Live light - Spread the light - Be light

Yogi Bhajan

Remember, this is a co creation of hearts from all across the globe and it only works when we FULLY STEP IN & open our hearts to receive and then share. 

Love and Light

Catherine, Elizabeth & Kristina

At any point during our 11 day Sadhana, if you feel from your heart to make a monetary contribution so that we can continue to make these sorts of offerings, please do here! 

We would be very grateful!