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It’s time to refresh, renew
& reconnect – to yourself.

The whole world is feeling amiss, the pandemic has thrown you off of your regular routine and now

you are longing for your center, your solace, your sanctuary.

You know you should be taking better care of yourself but

you can’t stay committed. You swing from all to nothing at all.

Lately, you have been snapping at your husband, more irritated with kids and/or co-workers and

you just want some quiet time to decompress,

let it all go even for just a little while.


You notice you’re never first, it’s always your kids, your

partner, the dog, work, friends, everyone else besides you.

The trauma that you experienced when you were young is still

affecting your life, and you can’t seem to shake it off and get past it. 


And the mind? It never shuts up.

You’ve tried traditional therapy but fall back into the same old rut and routine

of not taking care of the entirety of you, your Body, Mind & Soul.

Prescription medication took away not only the bad feelings but also the good, 

making you feel numb and taking away your sex drive.

You have the intention of getting up and doing your daily practice, you know you’re

supposed to, but it gets put off because you have too much to do.

 You believe that you’ve got all the knowledge, but you just can’t apply it or make it stick.


It would feel so good to put yourself first, have time devoted exclusively to you, 

and reconnect to yourself while doing it in a safe place with support from others

who know what you're experiencing – because they are experiencing it too.


SACRED SANCTUARY 2.0 is a six-month commitment to yourself
to consistently enter the Sanctuary within your Soul
for respite from all you’re going through
so you can resolve it + make peace with it all, Now.

During the six months we will work together on becoming more aware of and refining the energy
of the six subtle bodies known as Koshas. Most of us only look at a person skin deep.

This six - month course takes you much deeper into the six layers of yourself,
learning the intricacies and the totality of you.

When you do this? You begin to see others in a deeper, more intimate way.

If there are blocks, each Kosha will present itself as having a certain symptomology.
This journey will help you discern what those symptoms are, unique processes and tools to help heal and
bring the kosha back into balance, and how and what to do in order to keep it that way moving forward.


Annamaya Kosha

The 1st month we focus on the Physical kosha or body. You know when it’s out of alignment, yet more often than not, you ignore it and hope that the symptoms will go away. You feel fatigued, anxiety, stiffness, aches, pains and inconsistent sleep patterns that leave you feeling more depleted in the morning than when you went to bed the night before. And to boot? You’ve gained an extra ten pounds that you can’t seem to shake off. 


This journey in to your physical body is a sacred gift. To put your flesh, bones, organs and all of its miraculous systems a chance to reset, renew, strengthen and shine is a blessing to give to yourself. I will share with you not only powerful practices that will bring your body back into balance, power, alignment and strength but I will also be sharing different foods to eat once you identify which kosha needs support, the proper essential oils to use, affirmations and other potent practices to bring you back into health and vitality. Not to have the old you back, but the new you!


Pranamaya Kosha

The 2nd month we will focus on the Energy Kosha, the body naked to the human eye. Do you often ask yourself, “what has happened to my drive? I feel so tired and low energy all of the time?”


You wake up feeling tired and that’s your baseline for the day or better yet, you wake up feeling rested, but by mid - morning, you start to feel the exhaustion creep in and you wish you could take a nap. You’re more irritable, short – tempered with your family and at work and you’re sick and tired of the highs and lows.


The Energy Kosha is how you gain the vital energy necessary which determines that quality of your life experience. When it is activated using powerful breathing techniques and learning about the energetic systems in this body? You have a heightened sensory awareness and perception. You feel alive, radiant, and ready to take on the world and you’re more even keeled.


The 3rd month we ignite the Karma body, the Kosha that is associated with action and the results of those actions. You will become aware of familial patterns, programs, and behaviors that have been passed down for generations, both positive and negative.


You will do forgiveness work with your ancestors using powerful processes where you hold the intention of clearing and supporting your ancestor’s complete liberation.


When that happens? The challenges in your life that don’t make any sense begin to dissolve and you are able to perform right actions and receive the fruits from those actions which will nurture and fully support you.


Manomaya Kosha

The 4th month we focus on the Mental Kosha, the Mind, your thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Do you feel like you have trouble making decisions? You wake up with brain fog that makes you second guess every decision you make and that voice inside of your head never shuts up?


You fall into repetitive, destructive, negative thinking and behavior which gets translated into your physical reality of living a life that you’re not fully satisfied with? We will activate and heal the Mental Kosha using practices that heighten your awareness and give you the pause that is needed in order to respond vs react.


You will learn the inner workings of the mind so you are able to experience wonderful states of calm, joy, inner peace and connection.

Vijnanamaya Kosha

The 5th month we dive deep into the Wisdom body or Greater Intelligence. Perhaps you’ve gotten to a place in your life where you know there is more meaning to it and yet you’re not able to access it. You’ve had a taste of expanded consciousness, but only once in that yoga class or that one (or two) times when you tried plant medicine…but you want more, you’re ready for more.


In this month, we explore the blocks  or mis-alignments in your Wisdom body and how to clear them through experiential learning and the capacity to trust your gut instinct again. When your Wisdom body is healthy, you can easily expand into Greater Intelligence, that All Knowing Intuitive sense, where you know and trust before your mind knows. This is where Awakening begins.


Anandamaya Kosha

The 6th and final month we drop into pure Bliss, the Ananda body. When was the last time you felt complete bliss? Where you were in a complete state of connection with all that is around and inside of you? Where there is no fear, desire or sense of inadequacy. The experience of love at the Bliss body is not emotional ecstasy, which has an opposite, rather it is a spontaneous opening of the heart that is so overwhelming, tears may come to your eyes.


It leaves you with a feeling of great gratitude and oneness with everything. The Bliss body is the most subtle of all the layers, the last sheath of separation between you and Atman, the Universal Self, or God. We all, and I mean all of us, need to spend more time, energy and commitment to being fully merged in this blissful state as it is your true innate nature, you have just forgotten. The processes, meditations, and breathing techniques will take you there. Let’s be in Bliss together where learn how you can do that yourself at your command!

6 - month commitment to yourself includes:


Gathering as a group to set powerful intentions for the next six months that we will be together.
We will meet 4 times a month thereafter and follow a general format of learning,

contemplation with journaling and experiential processes to embody, activate and bring health back into these six bodies.

We will close with a group celebration session to reflect and celebrate our time together.

Also, during the course, you will be provided with session notes, journal exercises and embodiment

practices to do at home as well as some preparatory assignments to get the most from your sessions.
This will allow you to track your progress.


Additionally, you will be able to schedule

two private sessions with me to serve your specific needs,

(if something comes up or you want to bask in your bliss.)


In order to qualify for this group offer, you must be…

  • Committed to working on yourself despite what past concepts and beliefs you might have.

  • Be open to the power that group energy creates by holding clear intention in a safe space.

  • Acknowledge and hold sacredly the importance of group co – creation, remembering that “the whole being is greater than the sum of its parts”.

  • Open to trying new things, to get out of your comfort zone, and do things differently.

  • Aware of when you work in a group format the potential for uncomfortable reflections that may arise.

  • Committed and engaged during the uncomfortable moments as this is where significant growth occurs.

  • Willing to expose a more vulnerable side of you in an effort to bring forth more of the real you.

  • Committed to being in a group environment that provides a safe container to go deep and commit to supporting each other.

  • Willing to explore conversations that may bring about uncomfortable emotions.

  • Ready to take 100% responsibility for the results in your life & relationships.

  • Committed to six months which allows for deeper transformation and allows for enough time to have significant change occur.


Karma Says
If you focus on hurt,
you will continue
to suffer.

If you focus on the lesson,
you will continue 
to grow.


What would happen if you revealed yourself?

I mean truly revealed all of you?

Who would you be?

Would you even know?

Would your partner know?

Do you feel any fear at the idea of exposing yourself?

All of you?

Sacred Sanctuary 2.0 is a six - month commitment to yourself, to the Sanctuary within your Soul, to your awakening and your transformation.

How does it feel to say that you are committing to yourself for an entire six months?

What does it bring up?

Are there feeling of unworthiness? 

That you don’t deserve the time?

You don’t have the time.

You should spend that money on the family and not yourself.

What will this really get me?

Do something different than what you’ve been doing and actually show up for yourself.


Say for a moment, your best friend was struggling and you wanted to help her. She felt unmotivated, tired, couldn’t get a good night’s sleep and was feeling guilt and shame because every time she and her partner would get into any sort of conflict, her patience would be nil and she’d get super defensive and critical and it would blow up.


What would you want for her?

What do you feel she would need?


A safe, sacred space to connect back in with herself and others on finding her true nature and life’s passion again. A container where she could actually BE angry if that was what was needed. A space of Grace where compassion and connection were felt.

You often hear the analogy of peeling away an onion similar to peeling away the layers of hurt, pain and trauma that so many of us still carry in order to get to the core of one’s truth and happiness.

I like to think of this process as yes, peeling away the layers, or as we call them in this course, the Kosha’s, but where each layer is seen as an identification to being both human and God like, starting with the most primal layer of the physical and working our way through the breath, your karma, the mind, wisdom, and finally bliss or Universal Intelligence.

To finally put into steady practice what you’ve read about,

talked about, tried doing on your own but just haven’t had the glue to make it stick.


You join this group to feel better supported, to be guided and held as you make this long overdue commitment to yourself, to deepen your relationship with you, get to know yourself more by being authentic with yourself and with others in the group.


It’s time to learn more about what it is that you want in this lifetime, now, not ten years from now, but now.

This is a small investment in yourself compared to the cost of staying unhappy, haunted by past hurt, pain and trauma or miserable for the rest of your life – at a fraction of what it cost if you were to see a Psychiatrist or a Doctor to address the panic attacks, continuous stress, and depression (anxiety, breathing issues, relationship issues, the inability to sleep etc).


Sometimes it can be difficult for Dr’s to diagnose these issues let alone resolve them and they tend to use principles which lead to prescribing medications and continuous Dr visits.  


Can you instead commit to six – months in order to feel free and bring about permanent transformation? Where you feel so equipped on how to handle yourself in diverse situations that you’d transform into a beautiful life? Feeling strong, stable and ready to take on the world no matter what the circumstance?


You’ll learn how to clear these six Kosha’s and begin to easily attract more of what you want into your life because you’re actually taking care of the core problem and not just putting a band - aid on it.

Each day that you do nothing and stay unhappy, it’s costing you TIME. TIME you will never get back.


is this for you?

If you are interested in this 6 - month program get in touch today.