Wahe Guru!

I am a modern, intuitive, medicine woman. I embody the wisdom I’ve gathered throughout life experience and lovingly guide others to see what gifts they have been given in order to facilitate their own internal growth and evolution. These jewels may come in the form of positive or negative experiences, yet regardless of the perception, I am able to assist in SEEing how and why these jewels are such a potent catalyst for growth! 


My gift is to get out of the way and open up to Divine healing power that naturally comes through and supports the other in “seeing” and/or remembering their own Divine essence & connection. It may come in the form of spoken word, meditation, yoga, deeksha (blessing) and other sacred modalities which are always held in the utmost integrity and Grace which help propel you into your highest good. 


Alignment of the body.mind.spirit (kundalini energy). 

As a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Oneness Meditator and Exploration Facilitator, I offer what I love to do, which is to guide, hold sacred space, to allow for transformation.