India is undergoing a monumental and devastating health crisis.

Thousands of people are being turned away from hospitals every hour with inadequate oxygen supplies, tragically left to fend for themselves in impoverished conditions, without vital equipment, protection, health education and medicines.

Our hearts have been touched by India in so many ways. After receiving life-changing teachings at Ekam and directly interacting with impoverished children and families,

we feel the best way to serve now is by sharing these teachings and tools with others to

give back to the Motherland and her people. Our people.


Even if you can't join us live, please donate what you can, even a $1 helps!

Thank you for helping and being of service with us,

Catherine & Kelsey

All Proceeds will go to LOKAA Foundation ~ a Nonprofit that

serves the needy in rural India.

Their goal is to provide 100,000 COVID Safety Kits to Save Lives. 

For more information + to donate, click the button below.

Fundraiser Details

Sunday, May 16th at 5:55 PM PST

ZOOM or IG Live: + @catherine_scherwenka

Join us for a Meditation and Chant + Rose Blessing and Prayer 

for our Brothers and Sisters in India. We'll hop online at 5:55,

giving people 5 minutes to gather. Starting prompty at 6pm.

Join us on Zoom with the link below or catch us on Instagram Live.


DONATE directly to LOKAA FOUNDATION at the button below

OR send payment through VENMO: @catherinescherwenka


Please add a note that says "BLESS INDIA"