"From Wall Street to the Streets of India"

​I grew up in a middle class family in the Midwest, a dad that loved taking us to Catholic Church every Sunday and a mom that loved taking us into nature as her “church”. Both were appreciated, and both have left a long lasting imprint on me. I’ve always felt a sort of split down the middle from the hippie nature girl, to a sophisticated, elegant fashionista. The hippie vibe representing my mom and the more sophisticated, my dad. 


My birth circumstances were such that I experienced what it would be like to have no sense of separation with another human being. I am an identical twin. It set up a pattern of discovery within myself that later on in life would become my passion. 

We are the youngest of five, and have used our family as an opportunity for growth through all the trials and tribulations that come with “family”.

What’s that quote? Family pushes your buttons because they are the ones that created them? 


Dad was in “recovery” for most of my childhood and we ended up being the poster family for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). This meant that from the young age of 4, I was exposed to all kinds of therapies in an attempt to help what was perceived as a broken family. That, along with my mom leaving when we were about 11, created a rich environment for all sorts of challenges and growing pains that left lasting imprints on my young life.

At the age of 21, I moved to the Big Apple, New York City to pursue the American Dream. I lived the super achiever lifestyle, worked at the top in my industry and put myself through NYU. I ended up opening (alongside my business partner), a very high-end hair salon that ended up being a multi million dollar business. What I realized soon after achieving all of this external success is that I felt an even deeper sense of loneliness, emptiness, stress, and depression. 


It was during this time, that a dear friend of mine invited me to a weekend workshop with his teacher, GuruMaya in upstate NY where I had my first, profound Kundalini awakening. I had no idea what that was until much later. Things started to shift, I started to change, and the successful, focused, external achiever began investing in the “inner” stock market, like chanting “Om Nama Shivaya” for large periods of the day,

and then 911 hit. 


Wake up call. 


I was engaged to be married, fairy tale wedding, big Tiffany diamond ring, the whole nine yards but the destruction showered upon New York on September 11, 2001, permeated its way through to my core.  911 along with the inner wave that had awoken in the presence of GuruMaya initiated my full time attention to my inner condition, sparking my curiosity for the separation I experienced at birth, which became my catalyst for my future endeavors. 

I broke off my engagement and I sold my half of my business with the intention to go in search of my soul.  In the hope of finding inner fulfillment, which all my external success had not yet touched, I jumped to the opposite spectrum and moved to Missoula, Montana where I felt glimpses once again of something greater than me, especially near rivers.  


I began studying “my self”, spending lots of time in nature and paying more attention to life in various ways, especially through the yoga’s. My next major shift occurred when I stumbled upon the offerings from a school in India called the Oneness University. Through Oneness processes, my spiritual journey propelled exponentially. 


For years, I spent a lot of time in India, studying and serving, meditating, praying and soaking in my internal process. Interwoven between my time in India and the West, I worked full time sharing and supporting the Oneness Phenomenon. 

Through the gifts of Oneness and yoga, I was inspired and invited to travel the world, mostly in North America, conducting hundreds of classes/courses. I was invited to teach and present at Bhaktifest, Soul Camp, Bali Spirit Festival, Sun Valley Wellness Festival, River of Bliss, Disclosure Festival, and many other gatherings. I’ve worked with large groups of people, to more intimate circles, to one on one. The inner world and the countless gifts that I have received from my practice and my teachers have been the full focus of my life most of the past two decades, and sharing them, my passion and joy. 


Now, I am here to share and serve. I know that we need the reflection of the other in order to grow through awareness. We are ONE. I’ve watched this tangible ripple of awareness touch every member of my family through me as well as I through them. My family has transformed and continues to in leaps and bounds. I’ve witnessed countless miracles to thousands of people on my journey and there is a commonality between how and why the higher consciousness works its magic in our lives. It is my greatest joy to watch these miracles abound in others and myself!

Who am I now

and what do I offer? 

Discover more about what it is I LOVE doing & how you can be apart of it too!