Enlightenment Festival

India, December 2020

join us

 on what will be an adventure of your lifetime! 

The Ekam Enlightenment Festival is a game changer. It’s held in one of the most sacred structures on the planet, the 8th wonder of the world, so just walking into the space itself changes you. I’ve been going to India for many years and I’ve spent a lot of time at Ekam taking various courses and processes. This 7-day festival encapsulated it all. It held profound teachings and wisdom, self-exploration and discovery, deep connections of love & joy, and the greatest party on the planet! 


You’ve said YES to a journey that will no doubt be transformational and life changing.

For some of you this could be your first trip to the Far East which is very exciting, but for others, this could also feel intimidating. The climate, culture and environment could be a new experience, especially if you haven't traveled much. It can also be overwhelming to have to arrange all your travel documents, flights, visa, currency, transport, accomodation and all the rest. 


We can help make this process smooth and streamlined with all the information you need to get you from point A to point B and back again. Catherine is a seasoned organizer and has taken many groups to India over the years. If you wish to join Catherine's travel group to India for the Enlightenment Festival in December 2020, then follow the details below and we'll see you there!! 


Complete your registration and we will send a confirmation email.

Once O&O Academy goes live with this event, we will send you the link to register for your accommodations which you can choose from the following: 


  • GC2 Dorm - $3500

  • Campus 2 Dorm with no A/C - $1000 

  • Campus 2 smaller room with A/C - $2500 

  • Campus 3 Standard Room - $7000 

  • Campus 3 Executive Room - $8000


prices are subject to change*

If you feel you’d like to be on a payment plan, please email us at info@catherinescherwenka.com and we will do our best to make it happen so that you are a full body YES! 


More than likely, we will be taking a group for 3-5 days prior to the Enlightenment Festival to a few of the places listed below. We will have the details for this trip by June 1st and will let you know once everything is confirmed. There will be additional costs for this adventure.

see you there

We so look forward to taking this journey of a lifetime together with you. 

It is an honor and a blessing! 


To learn more about this festival visit the O&O Academy website: