April 17 - 19, 2020

Gandhi once said:

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."

It takes a strong person to face pain head-on, to fully experience it, and to see that by not forgiving is literally like drinking poison and expecting the other to die. Forgiveness is not something we do for others - it's something we do for ourselves.

So many of us go through life holding on to grudges, pain from our past, blaming the other for why we feel bad, not realizing that in doing so, it keeps us from living a more fulfilled, authentic, joyful life.

How do we know if we need to forgive?

  • If we struggle in ANY relationship, whether it’s with our spouse/partner, work colleagues, friends, peers or family members, then we know forgiveness needs to happen.

  • Resentment. All of us have felt resentful and it’s not a good feeling. If you are walking around feeling a “grudge” towards someone that you feel has “done something” to you? Then forgiveness needs to happen.

  • If we feel low energy, get sick frequently, or don’t feel inspired? Chances are it’s because you are carrying around unnecessary hurt or pain from a relationship where forgiveness needs to happen.

  • Forgiveness doesn’t mean what happened was OK, but forgiveness generally isn’t about the other either - it's about forgiving yourself.

  • To forgive someone is the highest, most beautiful form of love.

During these 2.5 days, we will be exploring and becoming aware of the patterns and programs that are running and repeating in our lives, the huge impact and influence of our ancestors and the power of forgiving and clearing our family lineage, sacred rituals and other deep processes that pave the way to embodying complete Freedom thru Forgiveness.

Come walk with us on this journey of Freedom through Forgiveness. It’s yet another opportunity to align and balance your body.mind.soul. You have to experience it for yourself in order to know that it works.

if we really want to  love

we must learn how to  forgive

~ Mother Theresa

Retreat Details

Long Island:

April 17th - 19th, 2020

St Joseph the Villa
81 Lynn Ave
Hampton Bays, NY

Meals included: Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch & dinner, Sunday brunch.

If you resonate with the intention of this retreat and are inspired to take the journey to dive deeper, register today to secure your place. 

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