All of my offerings revolve around cultivation of Awareness in reflection or application to these three essential principles, Mind.Breath.Kundalini, which I call The Mystical Triangle. When you intentionally bring awareness into various relationships, you automatically grow in  consciousness. Alignment is the practice which keeps us attuned to our goal.

Shine Your Brilliance

- 4 Day Retreat -

This 4 day Women’s Yoga Retreat is for any woman ready to drop deeper in to her divine feminine flow by aligning her heart.body.mind.spirit through the art & practice of yoga, meditation, and connecting back to Mother Nature as a collective co-creation of sacred sisterhood with women from around the world. 

Align with your Divine

- 5 Week Online Series -

This 5 week online series is intended for those who are ready to recconnect & deepen their connection to their Divine, aka; Creator, Source, Great Spirit, God. We will drop deep into inner “Seeing” so that we can continue to cultivate a peaceful, joyful, loving Divine Presence into our day-to-day lives, bringing FRESH & more MAGIC into your spiritual space!

Reclaim your Magic

3 Month Immersion -

In this 3-month multi-faceted virtual and in person program, we explore why it is that we often walk around feeling dis-connected from our bodies, our daily practice, our work, our relationships both intimate and otherwise, and the way in which we show up in our day-to-day lives. 


Freedom Through Forgiveness

- 2.5 Day Retreat -

It takes a strong person to face pain head-on, to fully experience it, and to see that by not forgiving is literally like drinking poison and expecting the other to die. Forgiveness is not something we do for others - it's something we do for ourselves.

So many of us go through life holding on to grudges, pain from our past, blaming the other for why we feel bad, not realizing that in doing so, it keeps us from living a more fulfilled, authentic, joyful life.

One on One

- Go Deeper with Catherine -

Go Deeper with Catherine and explore what truly makes you Shine as she guides you through finding the obstacles and blocks that are keeping you from living the life of your dreams! Catherine creates a personalized remedy for what you want more of in your day to day life, whether that's meditating (as a beginner or deepening what you already do), practicing yoga more consistently, tools to help you cultivate more Awareness in your life and finding the right balance that is SPECIALLY made for YOU! 


- Essentail Oils -

Essential Oils are a major player in my tool kit. For years I had always wanted to gain more knowledge on how to use oils as a medicine, what they actually can do and how I could incorporate them more into my day to day life, but I always felt intimidated. Three years ago, I finally dove head first into the glorious realm of essential oils and since I they have become an essential part of my day to day life.  If you would like more information on receiving oils please contact me or explore "my döterra" website.

Purnima Sadhana

- Monthly Full Moon Practice - 

The Full Moon Purnima Sadhana will take place on the day of the full moon every month for 12 months. As a global community, we will come together via Livestream/Facebook Live, on the day of the full moon, to take time to reflect on and journal all that we have been given throughout the month and to experience the FULLness of gratitude for what we have received. Gratitude is the highest state of consciousness and when we drop into that space of feeling FULLfilled and with gratitude? It automatically attracts more of what we are wanting to call into our lives that will align our body.mind.spirit with "her" essence, helping us step into the month with clarity, focus and grace.


FLY Retreats

- Business & Corporate - 

Too many people are living a day-to-day existence feeling stressed out, burned out, under appreciated and overworked. Too much drama and not enough cohesiveness within oneself and other team members leaves life feeling flat, a burden, unfulfilled and in order to cope, we distract ourselves using destructive means that take us even further away from where we ultimately want to be. FLY Retreats offers success for both the inner and outer worlds where we experience inner joy & peace as well as outer material success and freedom!

Catherine & her sister Elizabeth, have been studying traditions and philosophies of meditation and yoga for many years. They travel the world bringing mindfulness and meditations to thousands from small businesses to head of corporations.





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