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one on one with Catherine

What is a one on one? And how will it help me?

A One on One session is honouring & respecting yourself and your needs. If you feel you are in need of a clear vision that includes self love, self care and/or some Divinely led - inspired guidance, then a One on One package is for you. My job is to help YOU determine what is missing in your life, where you feel there is a lack, and help guide you to be able to tap into why it is you might feel  dis-connected with yourself and others. We narrow down if it has to do with your MIND, BODY or SPIRIT and work from there. You leave feeling clear, grounded and with a vision to reach your full potential! A personalised Wellness Prescription created just for you!

i am ready to go deeper

I'm so thrilled that you are interested in taking this next step to go deeper.

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