private        sessions

What is a One-on-One
& how will it help me?

A One on One session is honoring & respecting yourself and your needs.
If you feel you are in need of a clear vision that includes self-love, self-care and/or some Divinely inspired guidance, then a 1:1 container is for you.
My job is to help YOU determine what is missing in your life, where you feel there is a lack, and help guide you to be able to tap into why it is you might feel  disconnected with yourself and others. We narrow down if it has to do with your MIND, BODY or SPIRIT and work from there.

You leave feeling clear, grounded and with a vision to reach your full potential! A personalized Wellness prescription created just for you!

I'm so thrilled that you are interested in taking this next step to go deeper. Please fill out the info below and I will be in touch! 

"Without Catherine's guidance and teachings over the past year+,
I would not be in the peaceful, loving state I am in!

When we met, I felt broken, unworthy, anxious, depressed, full of anger.
I was going through a divorce that left me shattered.

Through our work together, I have uncovered where the lifelong pain
and trauma lives in my body and I understand how it informs my daily life
- past, future, and, most importantly, present.

This awareness led to healing and I have emerged as a strong,
independent, confident, and hopeful woman.

I know peace. I feel peace. I am peace.

It has become my comfort zone and a consistent presence in my life.
I cannot thank you enough. You are a goddess!"

- Annonymous