significance of the full moon

Many cultures and traditions across the world believe that the moon exerts a great influence on the human anatomy, and just as it affects the water bodies on earth in cycles of tides, it too affects our emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives each month.


The moon passes through many phases each month, and one of the most auspicious phases is the Full Moon. The Full Moon or Purnima (Hindu meaning) is recognized as a powerful day for ritual, contemplation and for expressing gratitude.

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about the sadhana

The Full Moon Purnima Sadhana will take place on the day of the full moon every month for 12 months. As a global community, we will come together via Livestream/Facebook Live, on the day of the full moon, to take time to reflect on and journal all that we have been given throughout the month and to experience the FULLness of gratitude for what we have received. Gratitude is the highest state of consciousness and when we drop into that space of feeling FULLfilled and with gratitude? It automatically attracts more of what we are wanting to call into our lives that will align our body.mind.spirit with "her" essence, helping us step into the month with clarity, focus and grace.


Throughout the month, we will stay connected via our Global Sadhana Community Facebook Group where we will share insights and experiences that will help us reflect on our own life happenings as well as to support those alongside us. Each month the meditation will be posted so we can join live to participate together as a collective.



Every Month on the full moon (see our facebook event calendar) we will gather on livestream/facebook live, where we will join in contemplation, journaling and Meditation. If you would like to know more about having your own ritual, setting up an altar, or learning more about Sacred Space you can get some really juicy stuff here. You can also host Catherine LIVE for your community to teach Kundalini Yoga, facilitate various workshops/retreats and/or to share in the Divine Grace of the Oneness Meditation (get in contact).


Remember, this is a co creation of hearts from all across the globe and it only works when we FULLY STEP IN & open our hearts to receive and then share.

At any point during our Sadhana, if you feel from your heart to make a monetary contribution so that we can continue to make these sorts of offerings, please do here! We would be very grateful!