March 18th through        June 4th, 2019
Every Monday 6:00 - 7:30pm Pacific Time (PST)
Exploration of embodying the totality of YOU!


In this 3-month multi-faceted virtual and in person program, we explore why it is that we often walk around feeling dis connected from our bodies, stressed out from the incessant chattering of the mind, and the overall feeling of being disconnected form everything around us, including ourselves.

The first month we focus on the body, recognizing that often times, we are "unconsciously" saying mean and harsh things to ourselves about how we "look", we feel unhappy about how we energetically experience "high's an low's" throughout the day, and have a hard time keeping up with what we know to be "good for us". We use Kundalini yoga (a super power) to help strengthen the body from the inside out giving us power that radiates from our core, bringing health, vitality and balance back into our bodies. We also dedicate time on nutrition and super foods that help us operate at a more optimal level. 

In the second month, we focus on how the mind is often making use of us, controlling us, dominating our experience of life, at times making us ask questions like, "am I crazy?" and usually leaving us feeling very stressed-out, anxious or even depressed. We learn some of the intricacies on about how the mind works and we utilize meditations and wisdom teachings that help us cultivate awareness so we are able to make better use of the mind instead of it making use of us.  

During the third month, we learn how to tap into a bigger, more expanded state of consciousness, into what some might call, "The All That Is", that nature intelligence that we sometimes refer too as "intuition". When we tap into this broadened place of inter-connectedness, our lives become more magical and synchronicities start to become the norm. 

These 3-months are a deep dive into radical self-inquiry, where we explore the deeper parts of ourselves, and unveil the old programs and belief patterns that are keeping us from fully stepping into our FULL BODY EXPRESSION of who we are meant to be before someone told us who to be. Each one of us needs to know what our unique expression as a change maker in today’s world is and how that wants to show up. 

We will explore using ancient wisdom teachings, practices, meditations, yoga, ritual and other potent ways to help us get back into our bodies, quieting the mind, and feeling more connected in a healthy balanced way. Together, we build authentic confidence, learn how to manage stress and enhance self – awareness. 


You will emerge at the other end feeling focused, centered and expanded.  

Get ready to step into your day to day life with more joy, calm, inner peace and a feeling of empowerment.


Each month, we will focus on a different topic that will help you reclaim your magic!

  • The first month will be focused on the body. 

  • The second month will be focused on the mind. 

  • The third month will be focused on the soul. 

  • There will be a 1.5hr zoom call every week with either myself, or a very special guest.

  • It also includes two 50 minute Private Sessions with ME via Zoom during the 3 months on how to get more aligned with your inner vision. 

  • There will be small break out group session once a month with your fellow participants.

  • Free Gift Bag at the in person retreat! 

  • BONUS 2.5 day in person retreat, Freedom Thru Forgiveness: see below

  • Opportunity to deepen and connect with other women from around the world

ADDED BONUS: Valued at $995

It takes a strong person to face pain head-on, to fully experience it, and to see that by not forgiving is literally like drinking poison and expecting the other to die. Forgiveness is not something we do for others it's something we do for ourselves. So many of us go through life holding on to grudges, pain from our past, blaming the other for why we feel bad, not realizing that in doing so, it keeps us from living a more fulfilled, authentic, joyful life.

Similar programs are valued at $5,000 and more, Reclaim your Magic is a $2,999 investment in all of YOU! Your mind.body.soul. Take the opportunity now to dive deep and explore more of YOU and YOUR Magic! Are you ready?

*There is also a payment plan option available for those who wish to pay over a 6 month period. A $399 Deposit is required to secure your spot, and then monthly instalments will be set up for you.



If you are getting a FULL BODY YES! Begin the registration process & mark your calendar for some MAGIC!