Sacred Space

Sacred Space is something to be cherished. It is a space we can create that becomes a sort of refuge to drop in to in order to ground, feel a connection, experience a deep inner peace, where we can converse with our Higher Sacred Self even when we are feeling upset and angry. It is OUR space that WE create however we want it to be. It’s up to US. 

Let’s look at the word Sacred from a macro viewpoint as well as from the micro. 

Macro is Universal; it’s what we see in the BIG picture combining all different aspects of the “Sacred” in to One. Sacred in some traditions means cleanliness, purity, no swearing, gossiping, thinking ill thoughts, violence, it creates a sense of peace, quiet, stillness, expansion, reverence, a web of existence that connects all things. Sacred is Holy, Divine, auspicious and some say it is connected to books, music, or religion.

On the Micro level, sacred is unique to each individual and what they deem as being sacred. What might feel sacred to one may not feel sacred to another, and that is OK. To me? Sacred does mean cleanliness, purity in my thoughts actions and deeds. It is when I feel most connected to something greater than me, to Creator, Divine, God. 


When creating Sacred Space? Bring those sacred beliefs, thoughts, ideas YOU have together in a space and see what reveals itself. My Sacred Space has a pretty white cloth, fresh flowers, crystals, an orchid, candles, incense, statues of deities, photos of orbs and Golden Balls, feathers and other pretty things. This symbolizes “sacred” to me and is unique to me, only. What makes YOU feel sacred? 


What is Sacred Space,

why is it important to have it in my life? 

If we look at indigenous cultures, and other ancient traditions, the term "sacred" was a very important part of ones life. As we have evolved, a lot of humanity has moved away from sacredness - and evidently lost touch with its true essence. Now, as we begin to understand the importance of "sacredness" in our day to day lives, it can be hard to know where to even begin.


Like anything, sacredness is another tool in helping our growth and can be applied to all 3 of the components that accelerate our growth immensely. The key to sacredness begins with Awareness, if you can bring awareness to your thoughts (mind) to your actions (body) and to your intents (spirit) then you will begin to see tremendous amounts of growth in your life and those around you.


Below are some examples of what I love to do that creates that space for sacredness to flourish.

Before every meal? I drop into the sacredness of gratitude. I thank nature and all the people that touched the food and helped make it possible to get it to my plate. What a gift it is to eat healthy, organic food each day!

I use doTerra essential oils everyday to also remind me of sacredness. I use them in a diffuser to help clear the energy of a space or to bring in a certain type of energy. I lather them on my body after a shower or bath, and I use them as medicine when I have a headache or say when someone has a burn. Anything that is nurturing and loving towards yourself is considered sacred.

Each morning I start my day at the sacred space I've created in my home. I call it my altar. I light a candle, an incense and then I chant a mantra to help wake up and connect to my higher self. This is where I ask for clear guidance, support on a project, a healing in a relationship or to just experience pure Divine love. Some call it prayer. It is also the place I go when a person reaches out asking for my help or support. I sit at my sacred space and ask for what the person needs knowing that my request is going out through that giant web of consciousness creating a shift that will be the perfect answer to that person's specific request.

Sacredness can come to any place you go. One of my teachers once said that because we want to "know" everything, that "knowing" leaves no room for wonder or the mystery of life. That wonder and mystery could also be described as sacredness. Knowing science or intellectual knowledge takes away that magic and wonder, the sacredness. Drop into the space like that of a child and live in the mystery and wonder and then everything becomes sacred!

I have sacred space in my car. Since I drive so much, I realize that I also want that reminder in my car so when I'm stuck in traffic or someone has road rage, I have a constant reminder to stay present and connected. When we do that? The outer doesn't matter...because the inner is at peace. I have a crystal, a dream catcher and a photo of my Divine as helpful reminders in my car.

Whenever I teach, I bring sacredness. I light sage or palo santo to clear the air. I have a diffuser of essential oils calling in the perfect medicine for that group. I build a sacred altar reminding us all that we are one big connection of magic and that anything is possible as long as we feel connected. Depending on the audience, I'll chant, or drop us into a mediation or dance, maybe even hula hoop! It's all sacred if you call that energy in.