Why do I do Sadhana and what the heck is it? 

Sadhana is a Sanskrit term that literally means practice. It is anything we do on a regular basis with a specific intent to bring about a certain result. It is a gift to give yourself to help both your internal and external worlds.

When we do something consistently over a period of time, there is opportunity for great change to occur. This change can come in the form of mental, physical or spiritual means where by an old pattern or belief system gets swept away and replaced with something new, fresh, and healthy. 

For those of you who might be new to Sadhana, let’s use an example to help better understand. Say we practice a certain physical exercise for 7 weeks straight, what happens to the body? Do you see a change? Does the muscle get leaner, tighter, stronger, does your endurance grow and your outward perspective shift?

YES! We see results! 

The same goes for a mental or spiritual practice/Sadhana. When you commit to say chanting a mantra for prosperity for 21 days straight, a shift will occur in your sub-consciousness that otherwise might never get tapped in to and create a change in your external world that brings about more wealth consciousness. It is proven to work! Try it!!!


Lets Start!

If you are new to Sadhana or even if it has been a part of your daily practice, this is a perfect place to reconnect into the simplicity of our lives. Mind, Breath and Kundalini are the 3 key components towards an accelerated experience of growth, by utilising one of these key components in our day to day lives, we will begin to witness transformation in all forms of our lives. 

Try one of these three things for either 7 days, 11 days or 21 days and see how you feel, what your thoughts are, how you are experiencing life. By doing one of these things at the same time every day, you will begin to create new neurological patterns in your frontal cortex, allowing for transformation in your perceptions and the way you experience the world. 

Find a space where you feel sacred, preferably where you will not be disturbed for the few minutes required, and each day at the same time repeat this practice for the amount of days you choose. 

Deep Breathing

Breath awareness is one of the quickest ways to connect to your Kundalini energy (your higher self). This Sadhana is focused only on the breath. Sitting in a comfortable position, close your eyes, slow your breathing to the ratio of 1:2 (the inhale is for a count of 1, the exhale is for a count of 2). Watch what thoughts come and go without judgement. Do this everyday for at least 7 days and for 7minutes each day.


Journaling is a powerful tool to help you gain insights and express what has happened throughout your day. Every night, close your eyes, and for a few minutes, contemplate on your day, what happened, who you interacted with and how you felt. It's important to write down the good and the challenging experiences as they are both extraordinary gifts being given to us to help us learn and grow. Write down your insights in your journal, then close your eyes again and give thanks for everything that has happened throughout your day.

Ego Eradicator

This Sadhana is focused on your raising your kundalini (connection to source) through breath. See Video

The Global Sadhana Community gathers individuals from across the globe, where we connect online and participate in Sadhana together as a collective.