In Dependance

“We are all flowers in this garden called life”

Happy 4th of July!

I woke up this morning and for the first time, I found myself questioning what we call,

“Independence Day”

What does Independence truly mean?

Is it something that we truly and ultimately want?

Or is it a condition that we live by that if we actually break it down, from the Macro to the Micro, does it necessarily give us what we want?

As with anything, there are arguments to both sides. One could say how important it is for us to be and feel independent, to cultivate the gifts that we have been given to stand out more in the world. While I agree with this philosophy and definitely do it myself (especially being an identical twin), what I question is this, is it being done with Awareness? Are we able to see that through individuating ourselves, we are actually creating more separation from one another, from our families, our communities, our state, our country and ultimately all of humanity, or are we creating Oneness and connection with everything around us?

We are all conditioned, it is part of living life. It is something you can’t escape from and it is OK. But can we cultivate enough Awareness by which we are able to see that this is what is running our lives? Can we see that this thing called Independence Day might be bringing more of a vibration of separation rather than connection?

We all know that Independence Day is a reflection of when Great Britain gave us our Independence. But just feel in to what that creates: borders, walls, differentiation, separation.

Let’s celebrate this 4th of July with Awareness.

That as we may call it Independence Day, let’s see that ultimately we are connected, that we are One.

Check this out, In Dependence, what are you dependent on? Today? I choose to depend on something greater than me, I choose to depend more deeply with my Higher Sacred Self, creator, the All That Is.

That is my In Dependence

What’s yours?

In celebration and with Awareness Catherine

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