Big Time Love

May the force be with you as we transition from 2015 in to this year FILLED with prosperity, joy, acceptance, connection, integrity, empowerment and LOVE! I am feeling FULLY activated, super charged with all systems POWERED UP ready to take hold of the reins (of course, only as the co – pilot as my gorgeous Divine takes the lead) and CREATE the life that I know I am destined to live. I will be sending out regular emails to this group with inspirations, insights, and the latest and greatest lasar beam meditations and gifts. I completely honor and respect your decision to unsubscribe from this list if that is what your heart desires. No pressure, only glow with flow.

If you haven’t already, I invite you to join this 21 day Awakening Prosperity Consciousness Sadhana, where we come together every day, share with one another our breakthroughs, insights, struggles, blocks, hurts pains, and experience the power of how a group can transform any challenge in to and opportunity with Divine Grace that automatically creates a shift. If you want to participate in this beautiful gathering of over 800 people worldwide, join our private FB group

AND IF YOU MISS ANY OF IT? NO BIG DEAL! “Everything little thing is gonna be alright” (as spoken by our lovely brother BOB). We recorded the Livestream kick off as well as the closing day on Jan. 21st so you can view it anytime. Remember, we are all doing our level best in every moment, never forget that.

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