Time to De-Clutter

“Create a church within yourself where you are the minister of your own soul.” Yogananada

With 2016 well on its way, it’s a fine time to tune in and see what’s feeling in alignment as far as with what you intended at the start of the year and perhaps realizing what’s not. I find that the more clear I am from the get go, the better results I have in the long run, but clarity doesn’t always come “On command”…so it’s a good idea to check in after a few weeks of putting things in to motion to see how it’s all panning out. Perhaps some little adjustments.

What I’ve found myself doing of late (this past week in particular) which is helping a lot is De – cluttering my space

That’s right, not only externally, but INTERNALLY too! It is very important that we do this on a regular basis and for so many reasons. Sometimes we are not even aware, and often get weighed down with added stress, situations, even relationships that just don’t seem to leave us feeling fulfilled, sparkly, but instead, drained and tired.

Many of us come home by the end of our day feeling exhausted, depleted, with no energy left to do the things that we know would replenish us, but we find we are too tired to engage and make it happen. So another day passes where we don’t commit to our “New Year’s resolution” and that can start to set in the blues.

So I thought, let’s make it easy!

Let’s “de – clutter” our inner and outer space, which will help keep us CLEAR and ENERGIZED in order to stay unblocked with what our vision is for this new year ~ whatever that might be but to stay committed with more PRESENCE and less clutter, doubt and mind chatter!

#1. Either at home, work, on your computer or in your sacred space where you meditate, choose to “de – clutter” some area of your life where you spend time each day.

For me? It’s on my computer, and so I decided that I would de – clutter my desktop and instead of having 50 files on it, I created an “Everything” folder where I dragged “everything” in to it, and now? My desktop feels SACRED! It’s so nice to open up my computer and start with a clear, open space with eyes only for the beautiful photo I have displayed on my desktop.

You pick where you need to de – clutter in your physical world ~ DO IT, see how it feels, and let me know!

#2. For our INNER WORLD, I’ve created a beautiful YouTube Video of a Kundalini Kriya that you can do anywhere, anytime for 1, 3, 7, 11, 21 minutes, however long you’ve got. Set your timer, sit quietly, and commit to the amount of time of your choosing, but let’s do this for 14 days straight, until Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th. Once you’ve completed it, I invite you to comment on the YouTube channel so we can see what is working or not working for you. I’m excited for you to check this kriya out, I know your going to love it!

Remember, the biggest tool to cultivate in this lifetime is the art of AWARENESS. As you do these two easy practices, do them with Awareness and watch what comes up for you as you “de – clutter” your inner and outer space, maybe fear, resistance, judgment whatever it may be, just see it and feel what is happening inside the body. BREATHE! No need to change anything….just SEE!

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll be checking in again in two weeks or so from the Mother Land of India, to share a tidbit of the happenings over here! Until then ~ big love and many blessings to you Catherine

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