How do we love thyself?

There are many ways in which we can love ourselves ~ both internally and externally, but know that we cannot successfully do one without the other.

When I lived in New York City, I used to be great at the external self care regime. I would get weekly manicures and pedicures, bi-weekly massage, once a month facials, and then there was the shopping, which also played a major role in my “self care” routine. (Perhaps a bit of an escape from what was happening internally) All of this was good & fun…until I realized that no matter how much I tried to “treat” the external, the inner world was still in conflict.

Then I switched to paying more attention to my inner self care ~ what was happening when I felt there was a hurt or pain inside of me? Some might call it a charge or a trigger? Where did I feel it in my body? Could I stop for a minute and allow myself to actually feel what was going on, to process it through which would in turn, create more space for ME to BE real. Could I take a breath and be fully present with what choices I was making on a moment to moment basis. Cultivating more Awareness ~ making it a practice until it became more of an automatic happening.

Today? I do my level best to balance both. I apply the physical self care “treats” whenever possible, but I also pay close attention to my inner self care, how am I feeling? What is coming up? Am I in a space of responding or reacting? Not critiquing, just being in AWARENESS.

What are some of your tricks for self love?

Here’s 3 ways that helped me to better LOVE THYSELF! 1. Get regular massages ~ the body is our Temple upon which we experience life. Give back to it! 2. Practice the Art of Listening ~ not to the other, but to what is happening inside of you. Don’t try to change what is there, just simply see what is coming up, and BE with it. 3. Give yourself quiet time every day ~ set a timer for 3 min, 5 min, maybe even 10 min first thing in the morning, and just focus on your breath. Feel the body as it inhales and exhales ~ which may quiet the mind, and bring you in to a state of inner peace. Connect to your Higher Sacred Self and always end in GRATITUDE!!!!

Sending so much love ~ Catherine

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