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We are well into March, and 2016 is movin’ and shakin’ with amazing Grace abound. I just landed back from, yes, another trip to the Mother Land (India) where I attended the WOW AMAZING PING PONG BOOM Partners Course where it feels like tremendous shifts in consciousness took place. Haven’t been yet to Partners? Gotta go….contact me if you’re interested.

Landed in DC from India and ran full steam ahead with the 2 – day Phenomenon and the Gift Course which if you haven’t been to, you’d better plan on getting to the next one! It’s so cliche, but India has seriously been brought to our backyard….so get your booties there and experience what is changing people’s lives. Elizabeth Pan ~ and to all of the east coast organizers, GREAT JOB!

From DC, headed to New Hope, PA to rest and rejuvenate with our Divine Sacred Sister, Kathy Holmes where she lovingly put us through her incredible Sacred Chambers (using restorative yoga), fed us delicious nourishing foods, and then a slam dunk with the Oneness Meditation. Amazing Grace. Beautiful community in New Hope, PA, thanks Kathy!

Traversed our way from PA to New York City where again where we hit the ground running (you don’t really have a choice in this city lol) where we healed, deepened, co created and celebrated LIFE IS RELATIONSHIPS (a killer 4 hour workshop on healing our relationships) First stop, Queens, NY where lots of our beloved Indian community attended and then headed out to Long Island, NY where Theresa Story hosted us with her sweet, devoted community. You guys rock!

It’s been a beautiful journey, my friends. Thanks to each one of you that helped co create this magical time of wonder, growth, adventure and healing. Speaking of healing ~ I want to give a huge thank you for all of the love, blessings and support for my painful 3.5 weeks of excruciating back and shoulder pain. WE DID IT! Massive charge released! I am officially healed. Can’t thank you all enough!

With so much love and Grace Catherine

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