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***Oxymoron Alert***

Here we are, using our devices to connect in with each other (grateful!) but are we able to Disconnect in order to Connect?

I am completely trippin’ out at how much time I spend on my devices these days. Wow, how did that happen? And when? It seemed like overnight I went from checking emails a couple times a day to now first thing in the morning, eyes barely open and that arm is reaching out to grab the phone, not only to check emails, but to check What’s App, texts, Facebook, Instagram and on and on it goes. Next thing I know? An hour has passed and I haven’t done what I need to do in order to “connect”, my chanting, praying, meditating, yoga, walking in nature, hula hooping…whatever my flavor might be for that day which helps me to connect. How does this happen?

Devices can mean anything ~ it can be an I-pad, I-Phone, Apple Watch, Laptop, Desktop….it can also be shopping, working, taking care of others, drinking, eating, smoking, drugging…all of these “devices” which keep us from being able to fully connect.

BUT ~ before we go any further, we need to stop and check, am I judging myself, or am I able to just see that this is a pattern/program that is running, and because I am able to have awareness, can it begin to shift?

It does.

Recently, since I’ve become more aware of this “disconnect” happening through devices, when I open my eyes, instead of mindlessly (not in the sense that we’d like to be mindless haha) reaching for the phone, I instead begin to chant internally a sacred Mantra, one that instantly connects me with the All That Is, with my higher Sacred Self. As that goes on for a minute or two, I ask for awareness, to have awareness throughout the day, and instead of reaching for that phone, I get up, brush my teeth (try doing that with Awareness!!), go to the kitchen, make my alkaline beverage, and then sit in front of my altar, close my eyes, and just breath. I set my timer for seven minutes and breath. It’s a game changer, it shifts the entire dynamic and energy that as we all know, has the ability to co create a most luscious, fulfilling day.

This week, together, we are going to do a 7 day Sadhana (practice) ~ where we become more aware about how we can “Disconnect to Connect”. We will begin each day with a 5 minute practice where we sit in our Temple/Sacred Space (have a journal near you), set a timer for 3 minutes and just practice long deep breathing. Nothing more, quite simple. After our timer rings that our 3 minutes is up, we will then begin Ego Eradicator which helps not to get rid of the ego, but instead, gives the ego space and recognition that it actually does exist and through practicing this kriya, sort of keeps the ego in check. What may be the hardest part of this practice is what I am going to ask you next. I am going to ask that you don’t pick up any device from the time you open your eyes until you have completed this 5 minute practice. Once that is complete, then feel free to “check in” with your device of choice…but be mindful and aware while doing it.

To kick off this Sadhana, we will be doing a Livestream OM on Tuesday, April 5th at 6pm PST. Click here for more info

You can join our Facebook Group here where we will be giving more details about what’s to come, daily updates, insights and guidance on where we will shine the light next!

That’s all for now, friends. Until next time ~ May peace, love and harmony reside within each one of our precious hearts so much love catherine

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