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This week’s newsletter is about a very practical miracle that I experienced since we last connected. I want to share it with you because the more we share our miracles, the more they happen in our lives, just the same way, the more we complain about our problems in life, the stronger and more powerful they become. Wherever we put our focus and attention, it becomes stronger. I am choosing to focus on miracles J Hope you join me!

Miracle #1 About three months ago, after hearing the same question over and over from so many friends and family, “Catherine, where are you going to actually live?” the thought came to me, maybe I should check out of my mom’s favorite place on the planet, Taos, New Mexico? I had never been to New Mexico, but every time I would bring it up in conversation, only good things were said. So I thought, perhaps this summer I’ll take a road trip and go check out New Mexico as a potential place to land. Literally, two weeks later, I received a phone call that I was going to be helping out at the Santa Fe, New Mexico (affectionately known as, “The city of Different” haha) Phenomenon and the Gift Course being held May 20th – 22nd.

(Now, on a side note, if you haven’t been to this course, YOU’VE GOTTA COME! Why? Because one of the many “Gifts” you receive from attending this course is the pouring out of MIRACLES! Ask anyone that’s gone…it’s insanely good!)

When I found out I was heading to Santa Fe to help out for the course, I thought, “How am I going to manage this effectively while living my transient lifestyle staying in Mill Valley at my sissy’s house? I could probably be much more productive if I were on the ground in Santa Fe, spreading the good vibes about the Oneness tribe. I had this thought, and then the download came, “Why don’t you spend some weeks in Santa Fe prior to the event so you can be on the ground giving Oneness Meditations, spending time with the community and really helping to hopefully inspire folks to join together for this magical weekend?”

So AirB&B I go, VRBO, I began checking out all those cool online forums where you can rent spaces short or long to see if this idea I had might actually work. Expensive ~ is what I got, with Santa Fe being a resort town and all. (oh and by the way? Now that I’m here? It’s stunningly gorgeous and all makes sense) So I sat down, got quiet, and became very clear on what I was asking for. My prayer was for a nice guesthouse that was sunny, quiet, clean, modern with a rustic flare, had a fireplace, a view, an open kitchen living space with a big comfy bed I could lay my head down to rest. I didn’t need huge or excessive, but nice. I just needed enough space for both Stina and I to live comfortably for five weeks.

After I got up, I continued to do what we are suppose to do when asking the Universe for what we want, which is set the Intention (I had just done), make Effort and the Open Up to Grace, then the Growth will happen. Now it was time to make effort, so I sent a text out to my new friends and the Santa Fe P & G seva team “putting it out there” that I needed a place to live for five weeks leading up to the event. All had open arms, thought it was a great idea and would help in spreading the word. A day and a half later, I receive a text from a woman I had met a few years ago up in Portland, but she was now living in Santa Fe. She said that she was living in a house in Santa Fe with a woman in the main house and there happened to be a guest house available, would I be interested? I was shocked, and immediately said YES! She said she would speak to the owner and get back to me. Not long after, I received a text with five photos of the space and a note saying that yes, she was open to having us stay for the five weeks and oh, by the way, you only have to pay for utilities. WHAT? It looked beautiful, but I couldn’t be certain it was exactly what I had asked for until I actually arrived. When we pulled in to the neighbourhood at midnight, tired from an eleven hour drive after picking up my other “miracle story” of how I got a new/used car, I burst in to tears.

It is gorgeous, modern/rustic, open air, beautiful view, heated stone floors, huge fluffy bed and a living room kitchen area that is one big room allowing for a real sense of community to be felt. It’s just what I had asked for, and then some. My Higher Sacred Self was obviously in charge and because of that, making my life magical.

Would love to hear your miracles! You can post your experiences on the “Global Sadhana Facebook Page” for all of us to share and read!

Sending big love Catherine

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