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This week’s miracle some might think is not very sacred or significant since it has to do with GAME OF THRONES, but the reason why I’ve chosen to share this particular miracle is to give an example of how when we start recognizing and giving thanks for even the smallest miracles in life, they start growing, becoming bigger and eventually we see that “Life Is A Miracle”. We are so blessed to be here on the planet at this time with consciousness growing the way that it is. That in itself, is a miracle.

I”m going to bullet these 5 points as succinctly as possible which equal MIRACLE #2:

1. We arrived in Santa Fe two weeks ago. A few days after our arrival, the owner of the guesthouse we are staying at came over to chit chat and get to know us a bit. During our conversation, she was sharing about a party she had been to a few days prior where a man named George Martin was attending. I had no idea who George Martin was, but my soul sista Kristina over heard our conversation and shouted out, “George Martin??? The maker of Game of Thrones??” and the response was, “yes, yes, that George Martin”. Come to find out, George Martin lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico which is a pretty small place, and the first thing I said was, “Oh, we’ve gotta run in to him somehow!” Kristina LOVES Game of Thrones and has now gotten me pretty hooked in to it. (I tried watching the first episode three times over the past few years but could never get though it until Kristina promised me that she’d watch it with me and explain what was going on LOL)

2. Three days later, I get a call from the landlady, and she says, “I hope it’s ok that I”m having cable put in to your house today and I’ve bought a large flatscreen TV as well”. I literally chuckled because neither Kristina nor I watch TV, but we do like to watch Game of Thrones. When we arrived, we barely noticed that we didn’t have a TV or cable and we knew we’d be watching the Premier of Season 6 of Game of Thrones on our computer. But now? We were going to be watching it on a large flatscreen in the comforts of our new home!!! AMAZING GRACE!!!

3. Two days later, the day before the season premier goes live, Kristina and I wake up and our conversation turns to what we want to do for the season premier, discussing the numerous possibilities of what we think might happen etc. As we share in conversation, my phone buzzes and a text comes in from a friend who just saw on the morning news that George Martin, the maker of Game of Thrones, has decided to show a viewing of the season premier at the local, small movie theatre in downtown Santa Fe. It’s free, first come first serve, and we should arrive around 7 in time to get tickets. SERIOUSLY?

4. The next day, we arrive at 6:55pm just to be sure, and find out tickets are sold out. Not a cell in my body felt defeated, but instead, felt more empowered by the Phenomenon and knew that we would somehow get in. We were told to stand in the “maybe” line where there were probably 20 people ahead of us to get the “maybe” tickets. Hmmmm, not such good odds, but with the Phenomenon? Let’s see. As we were standing there, i looked across the street and saw a Tesla pulling out of the parking lot. I like Tesla’s and they always seem to catch my eye, but this one in particular really caught my eye because it was the pretties purple magenta color and I’d never seen a Tesla this color before. I knew instantly that it must be custom and if it’s custom, it’s someone pretty special driving it I said, “Kristina, look at that Tesla” and we looked over, the car turned on to the street and guess who was waving to us with a big smile on his face? GEORGE MARTIN!!!! WHAT???

5. We get to the front of the line, and the man looks at us with a sad smile and says, “I’m so sorry, but we are completely full”. I said, “no, that can’t be” and he says, “well, I have one seat left”. So we decide to send Kristina in since she IS here from New Zealand and it is HER favorite show to watch these days. She refuses, I beg and plead, but she says no, and so I look at the guy pleadingly and say, “Could you please just go check one more time and see if there is any way?” He begrudgingly says yes, and three minutes later, a woman walks out of the theatre and says, “we have four more seats!!!”…….and in we go. PHENOMENON IN ACTION!

Miracles? YES! Small? All up to your perspective. To me? They are all profound, meaningful and BIG! We all need to keep recognizing every miracle that is happening in our lives every day because the more we do this? The more they grow and become more and more profound where eventually LIFE IS A MIRACLE!

That’s all for now ~ be back again soon with more miracle sharing! So much love Aho Catherine

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