Has this happened to you?

Has this ever happened to you?

As some of you might already know, I did the unfathomable two months ago and left two of my most precious, treasured items in the seat pocket in front of me on a Southwest flight, my journal and my MacBook Air.

I have to acknowledge the Grace of receiving this laptop back in 2013 from all of the gracious, loving Oneness Trainers after I ended my 3 year seva stint at OU, which made it even sting more.

It was devastating, humbling, infuriating, brought up so much emotion and big charges that definitely took some time to process and experience. But with the Grace of my inner Divine, I was able to navigate through this and come out of it feeling anew, as if a reset button had been hit and a completely current, revised version of Catherine emerged.

Well, yesterday I did something unfathomable again. I spent the entire day putting my love, energy and wisdom in to creating a sales page on my website for my upcoming 4 day Women’s Retreat being held at Harmonia in Sausalito, CA. It was my first time navigating through out my new website that my dearest sister/friend, Kristina had created it for me. I insisted that I do the sales page knowing that I need to learn how to manage without her always at my side (sad as that makes me). As I finished the page, the only thing left to do was to add the photos. What I didn’t realize that I was suppose to not only save my copy/text, but I was then suppose to hit “update” on the page before leaving the page. And so, again, as if I was being wiped clean, I lost the entire page.

The interesting thing was this, and I give 100% of this experience to my being Awakened, while I had emotion come through, there was no physical reaction. I felt calm in my body and took a walk in the redwood forest to have a conversation with my Divine and to tell my Divine how unbelievably disappointed I was, only to hear this response, “You did a great job, Catherine. You nailed it, but in order for you to truly learn these things, and in order to feel completely embodied in your messaging, I had to wipe it clean so you could start fresh tomorrow and see what new things emerge.”

I walked my way back to the house, and then heard a second message, “Catherine, you can choose to let this take you down and defeat you, or you can embrace it and let it be a lesson from God that is only going to make you stronger in who the Divine has really meant for you to be.”.

I chose the latter, actually, I didn’t choose anything, it just automatically happened, and there I was, actually thanking my Divine for yet again, a very painful lesson, but one that I know will only help me to be the change I want to see in this world.

Sending big love today ~ from the depths of the redwood forest.


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