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Every year around this time, the largest celebration takes place in India called Navatri. This festival lasts for nine days and nights where people from all over the world come to honor, celebrate, and pay great respect to the Divine Mother, the Goddess. She comes in many forms, each one symbolizing various personalities and qualities of the Divine Feminine, and it is during this time that people go deeply inward to connect with these Sacred Divine Feminine aspects in hope of opening up a larger capacity of embodying these qualities themselves.

It is with great excitement, joy and a deep love of the Divine Feminine, that I share with you this offering, this brilliant idea that came through a dear friend, Theresa McBratney, to create a 3 part Livestream webinar series where we explore and go deeply in to learning the various aspects of 3 of the Goddesses, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. We will dive in to the wisdom and learn about the powers they each hold, the knowledge they carry and what tools we can equip ourselves with to better access their energies when we need them. We will end each session with a Oneness Meditation.

Please join us on Livestream:

October 1st to celebrate Durga ~ The Warrior Goddess of protection and strength. October 4th to celebrate Lakshmi ~ The Goddess of wealth and abundance in both inner and outer worlds. October 7th to celebrate Saraswati ~ The Goddess of wisdom, knowledge, art, music and eloquent speech.

As I have said in many of my newsletters and at my workshops, it is time for the women to STEP UP, to fully embody all of their qualities of empowerment, self love, kindness, compassion, nurturance yet with a fierceness that comes from deep inside.

A BIG THANK YOU to my dear sister, Theresa McBratney, the amazing founder and editor of Oneness Living Magazine. Theresa is the one that came up with this offering and always has such AMAZING ideas! Her dedication and devotion to Oneness and the mission and vision of spreading Oneness globally is unparalleled, it is quite precious. Thank you, Theresa.

I look forward to seeing you online! In love and with great respect to the Mother Goddess Catherine

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