What are you letting go of?


This time of year inspires me to go inward, to get quiet, and to listen. It’s a time for reflection & introspection. If we tune in to the rhythm of nature, its true course is to also go in, to get quiet and to listen (that is, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and the season is about to become winter).

This week, I’ve found myself listening more and more to the wants & needs of my body & spirit, pausing to take walks in our backyard (which consists of Redwoods and Oak tree’s), eating healthy, making fresh green juice every day, and staying committed to my daily practices/sadhana of yoga and meditation.

This grounds me, stabilizes me, and aligns my cells and body with different vibrations, and for this, I am grateful.

In the forest, I find an enormous old redwood stump where I sit down to just listen.

I hear a musical composition of lullabies, whispers to my ears created through magical beats from birds, owls, squirrels, deer, insects all together humming a harmony making soft sweet music.

The sound of trickling water nourishing Mother Earth and all its inhabitants brings me back to time and space as I gasp for breath remembering how thirsty she is for pure, simple, water.

Gratitude is felt for pure, simple water.

I drop in even deeper, listening to what is inside.

There are messages wanting to be spoken, expressed, and experienced. I listen, I align, I learn, I create.

Within a short amount of time, tears of gratitude begin to fall as I sit on this massive stump, she which is holding me, allowing me to be nothing but me, where there is no having to show up to be anything, but only to just BE.

I receive clear communication in this sacred space. The messages come through as a time for reflection, for letting go, shedding the old and calling forth celebration as we join together as community to share, process, deepen and to just listen.

I look forward to seeing you soon ~ maybe on Livestream for a Oneness Meditation Dec. 7th and/or the Winter Solstice Celebration Dec 21st, or perhaps in person at a Kundalini yoga class or at the 4 – day Women’s Yoga Retreat.

More details below

In gratitude to Mother Nature for all that she unyieldingly gives… and for the Art of Listening…thank you.

Blessings Catherine

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