What does beauty mean to you?

Hi beautiful Most people perceive beauty as something external, something one can only see with their own two eyes. But beauty goes much deeper than that, in fact, beauty is something to be embodied, something that truly shines from the inside out. Beauty = flow, movement, energy, grace, radiance. When we are in flow, we resonate with peace, happiness, joy, connection and magic happens. But a lot of us walk around feeling struggle, conflict, resistance to the What Is, and we are not able to accept reality. This struggle/conflict builds up inside our Temple Body and gets reflected out through our skin, eyes, hair, body shape, breath, and how we show up physically and energetically in the world. If we are not taking good care of our inner and outer worlds, what we know as “beauty” becomes dull, out of shape, shallow, dry. We might even be one of those people that “do it all” externally like regular massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, meditation, spiritual work yet if we are not receptive to the nurturance, then does any of it matter? Or would stopping to do some deep breathing for 5 min make more of an impact? Are you one of those people that “look good” on the outside but one small little conflict and you spin into an internal (and sometimes even external) meltdown? I remember back in the day when I lived in New York City and the amount of time I spent on my external beauty was insane. I did the regular massage, facial, mani/pedi, yoga (and this was before yoga was cool), ate the macro biotic diet before anyone even knew what that word meant, but inside myself? I felt anxiety, stress, a disconnect that ran so deep, I felt lonely in one of the busiest cities in the world. I knew something had to change and that is when I began to bring a deeper awareness to my practices that supported the heart.body.mind.spirit. I committed to working out the inner conflicts as well as sinking in to what meditation and yoga meant on a deeper level. This brought an internal transformation, which was then reflected in my outer appearance. So many people these days come up to me and say, “You look younger and younger every time I see you” and my response? Consistent practices that raise my Kundalini energies which help to clear out the muck, the old stories, the crusty dry cob webs and instead create more space for Grace to shine through! If you want to feel radiant and beautiful, if you’re ready to commit to staying more in touch with yourself, then receive and allow the gift of self nurturance, self love, self care and self inquiry to become your reality at this upcoming 4 day women’s yoga retreat so that true BEAUTY can arise from the inside out. Join myself and 14 other women from around the country in sacred space, where we will meditate, rock out some Kundalini yoga (and when that energy {Kundalini} gets flowing up and down you become the MOST radiant and beautiful), dance, take herb walks, create elixirs and potions, share, open, shine, enjoy… beauty from the inside out. 4 Day's of Deepening and Nuturing All Love & Beauty Surrounds YOU Cat *

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