Vitamin "N"

Mother Love I landed in New York City last week where I’ll be doing events for the next month and was quickly reminded of how important it is that we get regular doses of Vitamin N, that is, Vitamin Nature. I am surrounded by fast pace, chaotic situations that don’t always leave much time for the simple things, like stopping to smell the roses. I see how easy it is to disconnect from that Mother Love, that nourishing Vitamin N that opens us up to life, that allows us grounded alignment where we are able to flow in the rhythms and cycles of Mother Nature. Mother Nature is the art of God. She gives us all that we need without ever asking for anything back and when we stay connected to her, it translates into taking better care of ourselves, better care of each other and of the planet. Next month, at this magical women’s 4 day retreat, we will be guided by a mystical Wisdom Goddess of Nature who will lead us on a herbal medicine walk where we will be drawn deeper into knowing Her gifts so we are able to draw upon Her making more conscious connections giving us a deeper alignment with Vitamin N(ature). We ALL need this. All love Catherine

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