Greet Her, Divine Masculine

Lately, I’ve been feeling some pretty intense energy’s. It seems everywhere I turn, I find, posts, articles, circles, marches, and retreats about women. Women rising, women finding their voices, women feeling more empowered, women standing up and it’s creating a fierceness, a palatable force that I’m stoked to witness as it all begins to land. I’m also aware of the Divine Masculine, hearing the words “patriarchy” and “old paradigm” over and over again, which for me is sending the message that great change is upon us. But does it mean out with the men and in with the women? No, I don’t think so. It means balance. It reminds us that until we are living in Oneness, we live in duality: yin * yang black * white, conservative * funky acid * alkaline give * receive masculine * feminine We don’t want to swing. We want the sweetness with the ferocity. We want the push * pull. We want the high vibe energy of the Divine Feminine to be felt, to awaken, to re emerge in to her greatness to be in complete union with her companion, her consort, the Divine Masculine.

My mom is a feminist from the 1970’s. She was an integral part of the transformation and growth for women who went from being the “good girl/Susie homemakers” into bra swinging, bad - ass liberals fighting for women’s rights alongside Gloria Steinham and other empowered feminists. My mom embodies the catch phrase, “agent of change” and when I reflect back to that time when she was creating change for women, I was running around barefoot with my twin sister picking cherries off our cherry tree’s, digging up tasty veggies out of our organic garden, free from any worry or knowledge of what a feminist even was or what my mom was doing. But great change was in the air. It was in the collective consciousness. Therefore, naturally it became a part of me. And now? I feel her rising. I see her rising. I am her rising. Step up, Divine Feminine. Greet her, Divine Masculine. Together, we are the change. Love you mom, and thank you for being such a fierce, loving leader of change. In Peace Cat

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