Do you find this world keeps blowing out your candle?

To Shine in our true Brilliance? We need to meditate. For most of us, the mind is in a constant chatter keeping us trapped in either the past or the future never allowing us the space to be fully in the Present. If we meditate, it encourages an expansion of awareness and facilities a deeper understanding of oneself and others. It’s a healthy way to “space out” and we need this. We need to get quiet, we need to become more aware and resonate with a deep sense of inner silence. Especially as women! We give, give, and we give. We are AMAZING at the amount of things we get done in a day and the amount of people we take care of on a regular basis, but often we are putting ourselves last. Do we take quality time for ourselves? Do we nurture ourselves with daily self-care and self-loving practices like meditation? Do we put the oxygen mask on before assisting others? We need this. We need this inner space. We are Divine Feminine beings that are meant to create, to be wild, to inspire and be inspired, to do what we are passionate about and love! But without the inner space? We feel trapped, we feel stifled, we feel dry, tired and burned out. We have no creativity, no inspiration, and no extra juju to feel any passion. We need to meditate. Meditation is a BIG inspiration as to why I’ve put together this 4 day women’s retreat coming up at the end of March. It’s time to drop in, go deep, connect in, meditate and come out shining as the Divine Feminine woman you are meant to be in today’s world. WE NEED YOU!!!! We need radiant, embodied, Divine feminine WOMEN! Shine Your Light. Shine Your Brilliance. Only a few spots left! Email me if you want to hop on the phone to see if this feels in alignment for you at this time. In deep reverence for the power of inner space ~ Cat

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