Such is Life!

"Each of us holds the power within to heal the world".

"If you don't have any shadows, you are not in the light". - Lady Gaga

Such is life, I awoke yesterday morning, feeling refreshed, alive and ready for the day. I meditated, prayed, did my morning Sadhana and headed down to the kitchen to make my morning enema (yep, they rock the bod, TRY IT). Was halfway down the stairs and a pungent odor permeated my nostrils to the point that my face grimaced and I felt a pang of fear of what might be next. The imagination shot forth an array of what it could be, did the puppies get out of their crates? Puppy poo all over the carpet? The floor? Barf? What was it? I heard someone else in the kitchen and a quick sigh of relief entered my being with a sense of hope that whatever this was, had already been taken care of. But, as I turned the corner, I saw my roomie at the kitchen sink and the smell was even more ferocious, he too had just arrived. I began my inquiry. Where was it coming from? What was the cause this seriously off-putting stench? My eyes quickly darted from place to place, searching where to find the proof of the "pudding". The floor's were clean, no signs of pee, no poo, not even barf. But the smell? Biting. My roomie, still not knowing I was present (a bit hard of hearing), was obviously on to something other than to find where this odor was arising from. Once the floors were deemed "clear", I went to the crates and there from a glance, saw no evidence. But when I knelt down, and peered a little bit closer, there it was. A pile of S--- right in the middle of Rama's (puppy 1) pillow inside his crate. He had done the "duty" in his crate in the middle of the night and it was not pretty. I quickly stood up, went to my roomie and said, "Rama poo'd in his cage" and with a heavy look of disappointment, he replied with a shrug of the shoulders and a shake of the head. I quickly responded with, "but we took them out at 10:30pm last night before going to sleep, how could this have happened?" And again, a shrug of "who knows" was all I got. The mind, "now what do I do?" Do I continue on my mission of making my enema and move forward with my morning bliss or do I help clean up this horrific scene of puppy S---? Something chose the latter and next thing I knew, I was on my hands and knee's, plastic bag in hand, pulling out the puppy cushion ready for the task at hand. But, another surprise was awaiting, it was a lot more than my initial eyes had seen. It was a like a Pooluck (Polluck) was a disaster of you know what, and there I was, 7:00 in the morning, in full on "gotta make it better" mode. More and more and more I found, not only in Rama's cage, but after pulling out Rickie's (puppy 2) pillow, not only was it on his pillow, but what looked like "day's old" of the same, was hiding underneath the pillow and all over the crate. And then I remembered, the day before, sitting down at the kitchen table for a delicious hand crafted lunch with my two besties, half way through our meal, one of them shouting out of no where, "what is that smell?????" and the two of us replied with, "what smell? We don't smell anything???" But he persisted, so much so that he left the table and resumed eating his lunch outside as it was too pungent of a smell. And me? I have the nose of a wolf and didn't smell a thing....what was that about? Was I asleep? And there it is ~ the metaphor of life ~ how we go on and on throughout our lives thinking, "I'll just bury that shit, no one will notice, no one has to know" until one day, out of no where, the stench begins to seep out, permeating everyone's air around you, while your still desperately trying to hide it, bury it, not give your shadow the light of day, and the stench gets worse until someone finally says or does something that "pricks" that stench and BOOM, there it is, what we call a "charge" comes erupting out....and the shit gets revealed Thanks Rickie and Rama, for your poopy mess yesterday. It called attention for me this important metaphor of life. Don't hide your shit ~ look at it, FACE IT, experience it. Each of us hold the power within us to heal the world. All love surrounds you Cat

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