Build longer tables, not higher walls

One family. One people. One world. One love.

"Darkness can not drive our darkness, only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that. Martin Luther King Jr.

My heart swells with compassion, with love, with a certain kind of vulnerability for What Is. This past week, Bhaskarji (a dear friend of mine from Brazil) and I were given the honor to share the Oneness Meditation in four different cities throughout Mexico where over 1000 people were touched. The experience? Incredible. Pure love. So much Grace. So much Gratitude. Yet, as I traveled throughout Mexico, I found myself listening to the hearts of many people share their concern about what is happening in the US, and I literally became horrified, embarrassed and immediately a “fight or flight” response kicked in. I saw myself wanting to protect these people, wanting to stand up for human rights, wanting to kick and scream and say NO, you can’t do this! But then I saw how quickly it flipped to, “I need to pack up and get the heck outta here!” Oh, the human existence, what to do? An indigenous elder spoke a few weeks back at a gathering I attended and said how happy all of the indigenous people are for our new elected president. He said the cosmos have finally aligned with the reality of what is happening here on planet earth and hopefully now the people will clearly SEE the state of affairs we are in, what we have co – created. He was happy. Most of the others? Fear, unrest, resistance. We are one. We are a collective field of consciousness. We are a web, intricately and divinely connected. What one does effects the other and vice versa. Some might be resisting our current state of affairs in USA, yet, we must be reminded that if we are a collective field of consciousness, then are we not that too? Are we not what we despise in another? We can no longer pretend. We can no longer “try”. We must be. What to do? How to help? Elevate consciousness. We need to think with our hearts. We need to listen to what is inside of us and respond, not react. We need to give thanks for our bodies by doing something great for it every single day, something that brings it nourishment, honor and respect. We need to smile at the cashier when checking out at the grocery store, emit joy and connection not only within our families, but also to a stranger on the street, to someone in need. We need to actually stop when a person is reaching out for care and support and say a prayer, not just pop out the same ol’ emoji and carry on with the next thing. Awareness is the first step, it is the last step. Let’s together envision ourselves, our families, our communities, our countries and the world around us uniting as One with a Golden, Divine thread woven throughout each heart of every being on this planet, remembering that what we do as an individual, effects the other, it effects the entire Universe. I pray that we begin to take each step with a more heightened awareness, with clearer intention, & with pure unconditional love. Thank you, Mexico. You bring such a colorful expression of love and devotion to our planet through your people, culture, & country. Honoring all those who feel alienated and in fear by the current outside affairs, I feel you; I pray for you and I send love. Catherine ps. The 20th anniversary of Sun Valley Wellness Festival once again, knocked my socks off. Hearing the wisdom of Adrianna Huffington and Vandana Shakti reminded me of the collective consciousness we all share about cultivating awareness and the healing of ourselves and this planet. The weekend inspired me to stay on course and continue to share what truly comes from my passionate heart. Love.Connection.Health&Gratitude. Thank you, SVWF!

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