Post Eclipse Launch!

Good things come to those who believe,

better things come to those that are patient,

and the best things come to those who don't give up.

Today is a very special day, a day that feels revealing, empowering, radical and so exciting! I am brimming with gratitude to share with you my freshly re-vamped and upgraded website. The intention behind this website is to use it as a forum to stay connected, and to share sacred heart offerings which will support and propel growth in individual and collective consciousness. I am calling this work the “Alchemy of Awareness”. On the website you can find all of my latest offerings (live events, workshops, online courses, women’s retreats), inspirations, newsletters and much more! One thing I’m very excited about is One on One sessions (face to face on Zoom) where we explore and tend to the blocks, challenges and obstacles that are keeping you from living the life you want to be living that include a healthy and balanced body. mind. & spirit. So far, these have been magical and catalyzed tremendous growth. To celebrate this launch, for one week, I am offering a sizable discount on my One on One sessions, so please take a moment to check out how we might collaborate and work together! I embody the wisdom I’ve gathered throughout life experience and lovingly guide others to “see” what gifts they have been given in order to facilitate their own internal growth and evolution. These jewels may come in the form of positive or negative experiences, yet regardless of the perception, I am able to assist in “SEEing” how and why these jewels are such a potent catalyst for growth! My gift is to get out of the way and open up to Divine healing power that naturally comes through and supports the other in “seeing” and/or remembering their own Divine essence & connection. It may come in the form of spoken word, meditation, yoga, deeksha (blessing) and other sacred modalities. As a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Oneness Meditator, Advanced Oneness Trainer, along with other potent tools, I share what I love to do and what works for me. I guide, hold space, and allow for transformation. If and when we align as individuals with our authentic self, then alignment happens with our Higher Sacred Self and the gift is given. This is Alchemy of Awareness. It comes down to one doorway to freedom, healing and unconditional joy & fulfillment. That is the gift of Awareness. This is our work, our responsibility, our garden we need to tend too to cultivate awareness in all of our relations. That is internal/external body.mind.spirit. We are the Presence and earth is our sacred playground. A big THANKS to my team who are incredible beings with enormous talent, great intelligence and always so gracious with their endless support! All love and huge gratitude ~ Catherine

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