9.11 A Day I'll Never Forget

9.11.2001 In memory of all the lives lost on that day

A day I’ll never forget. I was engaged to be married and my fiancé worked one block from the World Trade Center at the Bank of New York. I had just returned from my morning run in Central Park when my phone rang. It was my business partner yelling hysterically into the phone, but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. And I have to say; I would never use the words “emotional” or “dramatic” to describe her. I knew something was terribly wrong. I had the usual “Today Show” on while getting ready for work when she called and I said, “What is wrong? Why are you crying???” She sobbed and said, “I just saw a big jet airplane fly into the side of the World Trade Center!” I said, “No, that couldn’t be, it would be showing up here on the Today show”. (A clue as to where my “head” was in those days…if it wasn’t on the “Today” show, it must not be happening. Ha!) Then it flashed and I’ll never forget it, the first building in flames with the tail end of a jet hanging out of it. Over and over they played the scene…an imprint that is seemingly forever burned into my consciousness. I quickly realized my fiancé was nearby and I panicked. I told my business partner I had to go so I could call him. Much to my surprise, he immediately answered and I was beside myself. I begged him, “please leave the building right now, it isn’t safe” but he assured me it was going to be all right despite what he had described as the “ticker tape” that was so thick, he couldn’t see outside the 25th story window of his building. In the midst of my pleading, the 2nd plane hit. He knew he had to leave. We hung up, I was in complete shock, and by the Grace of God he got on the last subway that made it out of downtown on that unforgettable day 16 years ago. I lost my dearest college room mate from NYU, my fiancé lost 25 of his very near and dear friends from Columbia business school. In total we lost 2996 human beings on that day, including many women and men in service who died trying their damnedest to save other lives. Our country finally lost the illusion that we were safe from terrorism and my fairy tale life I tried so desperately to create was blown to pieces. Here I am 16 years later, and all I can say is, that day forever changed my life. I am still horrified at what took place that day and yet, I am filled with gratitude for the HUGE wake up call it gave me. A true testament to the fact that we are the co - creators along with Grace who have the ability to manifest our dreams into reality because my life today? MAGICAL!!! More on that soon! All love Catherine

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