The fate of imbalance

I have a heavy heart. Everywhere I turn there seems to be some sort of disaster taking place. Mother Earth is desperately trying to balance herself out. Earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, mudslides, tornados, flooding, disasters are happening everywhere. Then there's this week's latest tragedy, the internally tortured soul that lost his heart and decided to channel Rambo amongst an innocent crowd of people who were simply enjoying life in Las Vegas. Heart breaking. And that's just here in the United States. Around the world people are still massively suffering. People are starving, fighting, stuck in survival mode, at war with each other, but more importantly? At war with themselves. The constant inner dialogue, all the various personalities, the voices telling you yes and then immediately saying no. Good/bad, right/wrong, often in conflict. I see how when we are in "reaction" to whatever is happening, we are in failure of intelligence. I see how when we are in failure of intelligence, one disaster creates a ripple effect of even more disaster because we are not staying with what is coming up inside of us. We distract. Friends. We are at the final hour. We don't have time for blame. We don't have time for shame. We don't have time to go on unaware of what is happening inside ourselves We can no longer be internally asleep. We must wake up. We cannot wait to do something only when disaster strikes. We need to act now, we need to go inside and see what is really there. We attend various workshops, retreats, programs, we come home feeling all high and connected. But then our day to day living kicks in and the next thing we know, our practice and commitment to keeping that connection strong starts to wear off and we find ourselves back in the stressy messy living again. I invite you to ask yourself, how are you showing up today? Every day? Do you feel connected? Are you aligned with a higher intelligence? If you are ready to look deeper, stay more connected, create a stronger bond, I have many resources on my website that can guide & support you through the process. May every being on this planet experience deep inner peace,


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