Root to Rise

Hello beautiful! I’m teaching at Soul Camp right now and it’s always such a gift to witness the folk’s here open up their hearts and receive the medicine of Awareness and Grace! Our world could sure use more of this right now! I have many people come up to me throughout these weekends asking how they can keep the “high” going after the workshops/retreats are over and I often say; it’s a slow and steady process. Most of us know that it is quite rare to have a quick fix that permanently shifts you into a super state of consciousness and that is why consistent practice is the key. But what is your daily consistent practice doing for you and it is nourishing you in the way that you want it to? Do you ever feel like you are doing all these meditations, exercises, and yet feeling like you are getting nowhere, like it’s not helping? Why? I know for myself, I’ve had experiences of doing daily meditation/yoga/exercise yet somehow I’ve still felt disconnected, ungrounded and not in balance. But if I am showing up and doing the daily practices then shouldn’t I be feeling connected all of the time? Where is the Shunya? The zero point? The centeredness? The balance? Many of you know my story, I lived in Manhattan, NY for many years, was a celebrity hairdresser, had lots of name and fame, material wealth and yet I was miserable. 9.11 hit and I decided I’d better try and “find myself” and a deeper meaning to life, so I sold my business and moved to Montana to go back to school to become an acupuncturist. It was during this time that I found Oneness and boy oh boy, did I swing in the other direction! I went head first into spirituality, into finding that connection, into yoga/meditation, higher realms of peace and happiness. It was blissful & magical, but I soon realized that my physical reality wasn’t sustainable and that I had to land back down here a bit in order to bring both the physical and the spiritual back into alignment. That is when I started to have a more heightened awareness and was truly able to align with my inner truth. I was able to figure out what nourishes Catherine’s body.mind.soul. And this has been an ongoing, never ending process that constantly needs upgrading and attunement because as we grow, as our consciousness grows, as our bodies grow, we too need to adjust on a regular basis to meet the new needs of the body.mind.soul. And that is how Align with Your Divine can help you. It is a practical 5-week online series that will help YOU find the medicine that works best for your unique body.mind.soul. I introduce various techniques and practices that help us to tap in, release what is no longer serving, and ground into our truth for today, as we rise up to meet our higher self. We need to root in order to rise. Come root to rise with me. In centered alignment Catherine

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