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Creator, open our hearts to peace and healing between all people. Creator, open our hearts to provide and protect for all children of the earth. Creator, open our hearts to respect for the earth, and all the gifts of the earth. Creator, open our hearts to end exclusion, violence, and fear among all. Thank you for the gift of this day and every day. Mi ‘Kmaq Prayer Aho

Beloved beauty, Thank you for being YOU. For being ALL of you! Thank you for your dedication, your commitment, and your devotion to the evolution of growth & consciousness for yourself, humanity & planet earth. Thank you for knowing the importance and sacredness of deepening the bond with your higher sacred self. Thank you for listening to that which is already inside of you, guiding your way. Thank you for helping, those that are in need, those that need a helping hand or a friend to lean on. Thank you for having the courage to stretch your edges, for going beyond the comfort zone, sometimes into the abyss of the unknown. Thank you for loving yourself, for taking care of your Temple body, for understanding the importance of why this is important. Thank you for standing in your truth, even when it feels uncomfortable, because it is from your true inner essence, your core, that authenticity lives and breathes. Thank you for being in my life, for being my reflection, for believing in me, for supporting me, for being an extension of me. We are ONE. We are inter-connected. We are a unified field of consciousness. I am so excited to share with you that I am putting together a FREE gift for YOU to navigate with and practically use throughout this Holiday season! Stay tuned for more info that will be dropping into your inbox soon! May you steep deep in the field of Gratitude today and throughout this entire week and year. So much love So much gratitude xxx Catherine

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