My Gift to You

Happy Holidays! As a thank you for being on my email list, reading my newsletters, engaging with me on social media, and just for supporting me all of these years, I’ve put together a 3-part video series as my GIFT to you to help support you throughout the Holiday season as well as give you a taste of something very exciting I am launching in 2018! As many of you know, I have been on the spiritual path for many years now dedicated and devoted to my internal growth and as we all know, it isn’t always full of butterflies and rainbows! There are times when we feel very challenged, sometimes even stuck, and despite all the workshops, retreats, self help books and positive thinking, we find ourselves (especially during the Holidays) falling back into old, destructive patterns, ways of thinking, and usually the first thing to go during stressful times is our daily practice. That’s why I’ve put together this 3-part video series because you are very important to me and in all honesty? I wish I had had these tools back in the day to help me navigate through the stress and chaos with more ease and Grace. This first video is focused on becoming more aware of the physical body and how important it is to stay grounded and centered in the physical body. The second video will be around how we might transcend the mind, the thoughts, stress and how we can realign our energies which will allow us to show up to be the best that we can possibly be. Once the body is still and the mind is quiet, we are then ready to drop into the Soul. The third video is using the gift of mantra, which must be used with the utmost reverence while chanting because it literally connects you so deeply with your higher self, magic will happen everywhere! Many people I have shared this with LOVE IT! If you want to learn more about increasing your capacity, accessing more space, cultivating more awareness, embodying better health, living with a quieter mind, then you can dive in deeper with me for the 3 - month online immersion called, Reclaim Your Magic! During these 3 months, I am going to show you how to learn what works best for you and how to apply it so that all of this stuff become second nature because we know it’s not easy. You’ll have my total support and the support of a loving community throughout these 3 months, as well as one on one time with me, a 2.5 day in person retreat in California and much, much more! (and AMAZING guest speakers!) But let’s get back to the body: Many of us are stuck in a polarity with the body. We are either clamped down, locked in a deprivation diet (control mode) or else the opposite where we might be stuck in total laziness, confusion, and no clarity. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that simple is most powerful. We can so easily get caught up in thinking that it has to be complicated or wordy in order to be effective when in actuality, it’s quite the opposite. When we master these skills with basic tools that help cultivate awareness, find stillness within the body, and quiet the mind, only then are we truly open to receive what Grace/Divine has to offer. By watching this video, it will help you to increase body awareness, increase body comfort and help you to listen to the needs of the body instead of the mind telling you what the body needs. When this stuff becomes second nature to you, you reap all the benefits. Get the basics down and then the space opens up for the Soul/Spirit, for a deeper connection. Take a moment, watch this video and learn a powerful exercise that will help you to “still the body”. If you LOVE IT! Please share it with your friends and family. Just imagine if we were all doing this with our families during the Holidays there would be peace on earth! Enjoy this first video and be on the lookout for more to come. This is a journey through the Body.Mind.Soul and my hope is that these simple techniques help to guide you, ground you and open you up to receive more Magic in your life! All love, Catherine

MY GIFT TO YOU! Enjoy this 3-part video series that will help support you through out this Holiday season! This video we will dive deep into the BODY aspect of the body.mind.soul series.

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