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Another GIFT for you! If you happened to miss the first email/video I sent out a few days ago on the BODY, I would first like to take this opportunity to thank you for being on my email list, reading my newsletters, engaging with me on social media, and just for supporting me all of these years. It means a lot to me and I couldn’t do what I do without YOU! I’ve put together this 3-part video series as my GIFT to you to help support you throughout the Holiday season as well as give you a taste of something very exciting I am launching in 2018! I just spent 8 days with my family over Thanksgiving and I (and other family members) used these tools on a daily basis. The difference? More awareness of the “what is”, much more ability to respond vs. react, and there was amazing Grace. As many of you know, I have been on the spiritual path for many years now dedicated and devoted to my internal growth and as we all know, it isn’t always easy! There are times when we feel challenged, stretched, sometimes even stuck, and despite what we think we know, (especially during the Holidays) we can easily fall back into old, destructive patterns, ways of thinking, and usually the first thing to go during stressful times is our daily practice. This first video was focused on becoming more aware of the physical body and how important it is to stay grounded and centered in the physical body. If you happened to miss the email and video, check your inbox, click on the video and if you’d like to skip the intro and go straight to the practice, start at 9min and 14sec and the “stilling process for the body” will begin. This second video that I am sharing with you today is a powerful practice to help you when you find yourself in flight or flight, stressed, burned out, OR you can use it to center, ground and prepare yourself before walking out in front of a group of people, or maybe before you head over the your families house for the Holidays. This practice helps to bring clarity, awareness, and stills the mind while keeping you fully grounded and centered in the body. Once the body is still and the mind is quiet, we will then be ready to drop into the Soul. The third video for the Soul (which I will send out in about 7 days once the body is still and the mind more quiet), we will use the gift of a Magic Mantra which must be used with the utmost reverence because it literally connects you so deeply with your higher self, magic will happen everywhere! Many people I have shared this mantra with, LOVE IT! If this 3-part video GIFT series is resonating for you and you feel you are receiving something from it, or if you’d like to learn more about increasing your capacity, accessing more “inner” space, cultivating more awareness, embodying better health, living with a quieter mind, then you can dive deeper with me for a 3 - month online immersion called, Reclaim Your Magic which launches Monday, January 29th! During these 3 months, I am going to show you how to learn what works best for YOU and how to apply it so that all of this stuff become second nature because as we know, it’s not easy. You’ll have my total support and the support of a loving community throughout these 3 months, as well as one on one time with me, a 2.5 day in person retreat in California and much, much more! (which, also includes AMAZING guest speakers on each topic!) Back to stilling the mind: When we work the fundamentals and go back to the basics, it helps a lot. We want to get the basics down, build a good foundation so you can expand, increase and grow your capacity to experience the causeless love, joy, bliss, the Divine, and the Oneness with everything! For most of us, the mind keeps us in polarity or duality. One side of the mind/thoughts feel grasping and constricting while the other side feels like a daydreamer and non focused. We need to first become aware of where we are. Maybe we are feeling out of balance, or the mind is agitated, perhaps recognizing there is non-stop chatter, and that we can’t get centered. Once we “see” that, we can drop into this most powerful exercise, Ego Eradicator, to bring you back into a quieting of the mind and a sense of balance. See the video for details and instructions! (If you would like to skip straight to the exercise, go to 4min 35sec) I hope these email and video’s are supporting you during this time. Feel free to reach out to me personally if you’d like to chat more about the 3 month online immersion. You can email me at Here’s to stilling the body, quieting the mind, and creating space to expand into our All knowing Soul. More to come soon! Love xx Catherine


Enjoy this 3-part video series that will help support you through out this Holiday season! This video we will dive deep into the MIND aspect of the body.mind.soul series.

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