Unforseen Extended Pause

Happy Earth Day! Wow! It’s been a while! And I’ve been on the usual magic carpet ride! After not going to India for 18 months (the longest break I’ve had in 13 years), I’ve been twice in the past 4 months, and I have to say, amaaaaaazing. But I also have to say; it was a much needed break. In those 18 months, I experienced the importance of taking all the experiences, teachings, meditations, practices, processes, and applying them to life. To actually living life. And the outcome of that was priceless. It helped me re - calibrate at a cellular level, which in turn has organically allowed for a deeper embodiment of what has been given to me. Believe me, it’s not like I think I’ve “gotten somewhere”, but I do feel an unbelievable amount of gratitude for life. Something has definitely shifted. And now? It feels RIGHT to be going back to O&O again, to receive the wisdom & Grace and to deepen my experiences. I am feeling quite grateful for the merge of O&O and OWA and seeing how it was necessary in order to continue fulfilling the mission and vision of Sri AmmaBhagavan. I love seeing the branding, the professionalism, and the opportunities being created to reach the masses. Ekam/Oneness Field/Temple? Woah...off the charts, a MUST! All in Divine Perfect Order. I was also in Bali for a 3 - week “work – stay” with my super hero, creative director/genius, bestie, Stina Muller (seeds planted and blossoms blooming !!! See below). And I’ve also been spending lots of time in Las Vegas since the 1 October shooting at Mandalay Bay where my sister Elizabeth and I were invited by Debra Apsara to join her in guiding meditation for the First Responders from the tragedy. The results? Incredible. Dream come true. An answer to many prayers. Grace in action! I find myself in wonder and curiosity as to what might be next. My teaching/mantra of late is, “Life is what you make of it. A school, a battlefield or a playground.” Sri B. It’s really up to us. I’ve realized that when I get into a funk, feeling down or not happy with my situation, I have a choice. I can either stay in the repetitive, destructive, stressful - state or I can drop into a meditation, dance, hoop, anything creative that’ll help connect me back to both my body and my higher sacred self. It’s up to me. Going for the, “No more victim.perpetrator.hero!” Whew! I’ve also noticed how addicted we are as a culture to drama. I find myself asking clients, family and friends, “Who would you be without the drama?” And you know what? People realize they’d be at peace. There would be a heavy weight lifted off the shoulders. There would remain more empty space (which can sometimes bring fear). But if we realize that by creating this sacred space, we leave more room for Grace, then what’s the worry? I’m on a mini tour right now, just left Vegas, heading to NYC to facilitate a women’s 4 – day retreat, then off to Chicago to co-teach with Kristin Panek and back to Vegas. Life is a miracle. Birds eye view, bigger picture, and knowing every little thing is gonna be alright. Thanks for being in my life. All love surrounds you, Catherine

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