Freedom is being YOU

Imagine a world without judgment. I pondered this today after coming across a great teaching, “You suffer because you judge” and here went my thought process: This past weekend, I experienced someone’s judgement toward me for being “just some ol’ meditation teacher" and in the flash of a second, I was given the Golden opportunity to either “See” what was happening inside of me or to sink deeply into the destructive thoughts of negativity, insecurity and self judgment (bc sometimes, that’s what we do). Thankfully, I was given no choice but to See (this all happened in approximately 1.4 seconds) and I watched how instantly the awareness turned to compassion for the other person judging, for that insecure part of being human that feels the need to cut down others in order to feel superior, better than, significant, and oh so smart. How does one feel compassion? Because you've been there. Imagine if every human being on this planet felt 100% solid in who he/she were, if we all felt complete acceptance of the “What Is”? The “What Is” being how we look, feel, taste, smell, touch, interact, show up, express, communicate, how we choose to BE in the world in each and every second acknowledging how God made us! What if each one of us were confident not only with our strengths and gifts but also comfortable with our weaknesses? Acknowledging, hey maybe I'm not so good at that, but honoring that she is! So I'll ask her to do that part! Why compare and despair? What happened to honor and respect? Why do we all strive for sameness? Imagine if we were all the same, the same intelligence, same personalities, same outlook, same beliefs, same bodies etc. how boring would that be? What would happen to the gorgeous, organic tapestry woven together with all the different textures & colored threads? We'd be missing out on the "delight" of being unique in how the Divine created each one of us, yet never forgetting the inter-connectededness of everything. One of my deepest passions is for every human being to experience one's own true inner freedom, that innate inner strength. To feel proud, confident and secure in who you are, and how YOU choose to show up. Not because someone told you to be a certain way, or because of some old belief system, conditioning or ideal, but because you love who you are, you love how the Divine created you, you honor both sides of strength and weakness and accept the What Is. You love ALL OF YOU! and instead of wishing to be different, you're at ease and comfortable with yourself. Wow, that's freedom! I know the day will come, when we can TRULY bow to teach other and actually feel what Namaste means, where we See the Divinity when we look into each other’s eyes and respect ALL that is there. And always remembering, one human at a time with nobody left behind. Here’s is a shout out to the man that cast his judgement on me for it gave me the opportunity to see that I love being me! I thank thee!!!! Hope to see you somewhere soon! All love surrounds you, Catherine

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