STABLE PROCESS is a 6-step process that I spread out over an

8-week period that will help, guide and support you whenever you begin to feel uneasy, anxious, fearful, frustrated or any emotions that we tend to judge as being “bad”.


Trauma is real. It changes your life.
It changes the relationships you have with yourself and with others.
It changes your perspective on people, places and things.
And there is an underlying fear that ends up in the driver’s seat.
It’s pretty much guaranteed that each one of us, at some point in our life,

will experience trauma somewhere on the spectrum.

Does it ever feel like you’re stuck and you can’t move past the traumatic experience that
permanently took a piece of your life away? You’ve become so good at the “cover-up” that you’ve managed to somehow forget who you really are or what makes you tick?
That life somehow is closing in on you where you now feel a sense of distance in your
relationships that deep down feels like hopelessness? Or maybe your work seems harder and harder to focus on and the drive that once had you thriving has somehow disappeared.



what you receive:

+ 8 weekly face-to-face calls with me on Zoom for 75min⁠

+ Access to Tue/Thurs 7:00amPST Yoga Classes⁠⁠

+ Weekly Homeplay Email with insights, practices
+ supportive ways that will guide you through
the inward journey of healing and awakening⁠




“Catherine used her STABLE PROCESS as a framework encompassing an individualized and tailored approach to respond to the deep trauma I was experiencing. The process consisted of journaling, reflecting, western traditional psychotherapeutic techniques, grieving, working with negative thoughts, breath-work, chanting, meditation, rituals, forgiveness (that one is ongoing), intertwined with more journaling, more reflecting, more integration.


Her process is not linear. It is a spiral.


Catherine and I worked together within each of our 8 sessions.  But there

was lots of work I did between sessions. Each week she provided “Homeplay” (in lieu of homework) for me to engage in. At times of intense confusion or duress I would reach out in an email, and she would respond.  And in addition, knowing I’m a bit of a scholar by nature, she also recommended books

for me to read and movies to watch that enhanced and supplemented

the work she was doing with me. 


The cumulative impact was I went from being entrapped

in trauma manifesting as deep anxiety, despair, and simply

not wanting to be here anymore, to connecting again to

a profound peace and gratitude within myself, and the

possibility of joy shimmering on the horizon.” 


- Megan Schrag-Toso


"If you would like to move through your trauma, without RELIVING your trauma, this course could be your most valuable step.

I was initially hesitant to reach out for trauma support, as I was concerned that I would be asked to re-experience traumatic events, which I knew from my own reading, wasn't necessary for healing to occur.


Catherine's course was the calm, guided, and loving experience I needed to find the courage from within, and begin to arise from a place of power and confidence, while honoring the pain, not re-experiencing it.


Some of what the course included were stabilizing practices such as kriyas for the nervous system, meditations, beautiful mantras, writing prompts, and a letting go ceremony. At the end of the course, I felt a greater ability to walk through challenging moments with resiliency and inner-peace. I wish you so much love and light on your healing journey, and hope you find as much inspiration and healing from this course as I did."


~ Annonymous


"One of the hardest things I struggled with was getting out of my own head. One little downer, and I would spiral and ruin my next 3 days because of it. It was immensely draining, and it sucked being so hard on myself. This was my main goal when coming into my 8 week sessions with Cath. Off the bat, first session, I felt relief within myself. Talking to Cath, and having her listen was so therapeutic. All of the HomePlay exercises she gave me were perfect for whatever I was feeling, and I felt results right away.


Combined with the exercises and the sessions each week,

I can honestly say I haven’t had a ‘funk’ or ‘breakdown’ since before I started my 8-week journey with Cath.


I feel more grounded, grateful, and present in my everyday life. The practices are right in my pocket that I have and can use for whenever I'm feeling anxious, in my head, angry, etc. With the help of Cath I feel more power within myself that no matter what happens I can handle it, and I'm so grateful for her!!!!"


- Maisey

So how do we heal from trauma?
How do you bring back that feeling again of being connected inside your body?
How do you get that tape to stop playing over and over inside your mind that's seemingly stuck on repeat playing the same story? How do you begin to trust others again, or better yet, trust yourself?

By becoming more STABLE.
By being STABLE from the inside out.

Are you ready to take your life back? Are you ready to say YES to you and find your way back “home” to your inner truth, your inner stability, your inner peace?

I would be honored to walk with you through this 8-week process.