the beautiful state

2 day course

Often times we end up, without even knowing it, robotically navigating through our lives being comfortable living amidst stress, tension & feelings of dis-connection.
For most of us, we are not even aware that we are living in this state until it gets reflected back to us either through our intimate relationships, our children, our friends or at work.
And what do we tend to do?
Blame, resist, create distance and avoid.
But are we even aware of our state?
Our inner state?
This powerful course, THE BEAUTIFUL STATE is a two-day experience designed to help you move to a higher level of consciousness, which help you become aware of where you are living your life from, a beautiful state or a dis-connected state. In this course, we will learn how to:
  • Dissolve your stress in conflicting external situations to experience a calm inner state.
  • Learn to shift any disharmony of your inner world to calmness.
  • From this calmness, you apply steps to access and sustain a higher state of consciousness called THE BEAUTIFUL STATE.
You engage every day with power, passion, and productivity. You meet challenges and problems from a new confidence. You manifest surprising results that bring you joy, success and fulfilment. And, most importantly, you ignite a deep connected passion for what matters to you.
“I have done many workshops and pursed many approaches to opening to the Divine Presence in my life. Of all of them, this is the most simple, straightforward and accessible approach. It is deep and sweet and ever expanding. I like the fact that it is not about gurus or external ‘agents for the Divine’ but about a personal relationship that can be nurtured and celebrated and lived – each in our own lives and in our own way.” Michael Iskowitz, Sedona
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