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Conscious Creator - Progressive Level: March 1st - 11th 2018

Conscious Creator - Advanced Level: March 12th - 22nd 2018

The O&O Academy are offering a NEW Journey into Abundance course!

And if you are looking at joining either one or both of these levels, I invite you to join our Travel Group for these dates!

It can be scary leaving the comfort of your own home, travelling many hours and landing in a completely different country! The climate, culture and environment will be a new experience especially if you have never travelled throughout Asia. It can also be hassle trying to arrange all your travel documents, flights, visa's, currency, transport, accomodation and all the rest.


We can help make this process smooth and streamlined with all the information you need to get you from A to B and back again. Catherine is a seasoned Organiser and has taken many groups to India over the years. If you wish to join Catherine's Travel group to Chennai, for the March 2018 Journey into Abundance courses, then follow the details below and well see you in March!!


Follow these three easy steps and you will be on your way to INDIA!!

You need to be approved to attend the 

Journey into Abundance course for March 2018.

Complete the online form (make sure to put Catherine Scherwenka as your organiser) and forward your approval letter once you receive it to,

Look out for our email!

You will receive a response email from us with information about what the next step is. 

The fee to join the travel group is $108USD which is to be paid before your travel. For those who have travelled to the University prior, this fee is 

optional. The link to pay the fee will be in the email.

Check it off!

Once you have ticked off all that is on the check list you will be ready for departure!

Any updates regarding your trip will be emailed to you. You will also be added to our WhatsApp Travel Group for any updates before, during and after the trip.

See you there!

Learn more about the course and the campuses here

If you have any questions about the process please email and we will be in touch!