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Ekam Circle

EKAM Circle is geared to ignite different areas of your life with the power of Universal Intelligence, connection and EKAM .


The call will take place every Wednesday at 12pm pacific time starting May 13th and will go for 8 weeks until July 1st and will be held on zoom.

This 8-week process is a taste of what O&O Academy in India offers. Feel free to join one or all 8 sessions of this course.

Monday Magic

Each one of us is experiencing a certain degree of trauma within this global pandemic, and your reaction or response varies depending on multiple factors. 

Monday Magic is a 2 hour zoom that will explore these factors to help to reveal, be real, connect and elevate. It is imperative that we elevate together during these times.


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my new book

PTSD and a Drug Free Me

has launched! If you've ever lived with PTSD or trauma then this book is for you.

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This webinar "Getting Stable" takes you on a step by step process about handling PTSD using alternative methods.

audio book

Learn the 5 reasons why being Authentic is the key to fulfilment, and begin your journey towards more a fulfilling life! 

3 week challenge

When we focus on bringing balance to our Body, Mind & Kundalini, we grow with Inner Vitality, Radiance and Power from the inside out!

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