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Join us in Sedona for 4-days of embodiment and inner transformation. 

ONLY 7 SPOTS LEFT! Your body knows the answer.


Learn the craft of meditation + use it as medication.

If you're looking for a way to transform your healing practice and help people

overcome pain, anxiety, and trauma, or perhaps you're wanting that for yourself,

then Inner Peace is for you!



"Catherine's words permeated my entire being, affirming and strengthening the fact that deep peace is always there, and can become a life force when intentionally cultivated. The meditations, homeplays, and journal excercises offer practical methods to integrating mind body balance teachings into everyday life." - Lydia


"If you would like to move through your trauma, without RELIVING your trauma, this course could

be your most valuable step. I was initially hesitant to reach out for trauma support, as I was concerned that I would be asked to re-experience traumatic events, which I knew from my own reading, wasn't necessary for healing to occur. Catherine's course was the calm, guided, and loving experience I needed to find the courage from within, and begin to arise from a place of power and confidence, while honoring the pain, not re-experiencing it. Some of what the course included were stabilizing practices such as kriyas for the nervous system, meditations, beautiful mantras, writing prompts, and a letting go ceremony. At the end of the course, I felt a greater ability to walk through challenging moments with resiliency and inner-peace. I wish you so much love and light on your healing journey, and hope you find as much inspiration and healing from this course as I did."


"I have so much gratitude for your (Catherine) taking me on this journey to finding the Magic. Your own path allowed me to see through your eyes, words and actions what the Magic does for you, inspiring me to look within myself to know that the Magic has always been there waiting for me to notice It... and to grow closer and closer to It."


"The tools and wisdom I’ve gained from my sessions with Catherine ~ in one-on-one sessions, Ekam Circle and the 6-month Sacred Sanctuary course ~ have added immense value to my life and a great deal of peace to my every day. Through Catherine, I was introduced to kundalini yoga, new meditative and breathing practices, and other techniques that have helped me expand vibrationally and tap into the power of my heart space and energy bodies. She has a way of holding space that is sacred and fosters a deeper connection with oneself. She is someone who continues to do the work herself and is, therefore, able to relate and guide in an authentic and effective manner. I feel so much freer since starting my work with Catherine a couple years ago, and the journey continues! Priceless!"


kundalini yoga

Reawaken your body temple.

Meet with Catherine and a beautiful online community twice a week for yoga and meditation on Zoom / Patreon. Pick from 3 payment options for the month and attend as many times as you wish. Each class ends with a short meditation.

Sign up & mark your calendar to help you stay committed!